Licious Thursday, July 16, 2020 1:26PM IST (7:56AM GMT)   Licious Expands RTE Category, Launches India’s First Prawn Spread Reinforcing its position as India’s leading Meat Food Brand, the Bengaluru-based start-up plans to strategically disrupt the RTE category with unique meaty offerings.   Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Licious, India’s fastest growing meat, seafood & meat products brand, announced an addition in their Ready-To-Eat category with the launch of Prawn Spreads.  

Licious, India’s fastest growing meat, seafood & meat products brand, announced an addition in their Ready-To-Eat category with the launch of Prawn Spreads. The product is made from all-natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, colour or flavouring and zero trans-fat. The Company made its foray into the RTE category about a year ago with the launch of India’s first Chicken Spreads.

Commenting on the launch, Abhay Hanjura & Vivek Gupta, Co-Founders, Licious said, “Over the last 3 months, as more and more people chose to stay in the safety of their homes, at- home cooking & consumption of food has seen a sharp spike. With people working from home & children being away from school, the demand for safe, high-quality, wholesome, flavourful, quick fixes are on the rise. Indeed, we have seen a 3X growth in our RTE category over last quarter. Being a consumer centric company, we felt the need to provide our consumers with more options, hence Prawn Spreads!"

Adding on to it, the founders also mentioned, “India is predominantly a land of meat eaters. However, popular food category like spreads has no meat-based option at all. Our Spreads range solved this problem. With the launch of the prawn variant, we are aiming at creating more specialised options that can satiate all the seafood lovers out there."

A blend of freshly cooked juicy and succulent prawns and a creamy base, Licious’ unique Prawn Spread is available in two zestful flavours – Chunky Butter Garlic Prawn and Chunky Sriracha Prawn. Chunky is the operative word here. Every 100 grams of the spread contains 30 gm of freshly cooked prawn chunks!  The versatile spread not only makes for a hearty breakfast, but also easily fits into lunch, dinner and snack menus.

Licious Prawn Spread will be available on the Licious app & website and select modern retail outlets across Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai & Hyderabad. Available in two sizes, 35gm pet blisters and 200gm glass bottles priced at Rs 49/- and Rs 249/- respectively.
About Licious

Licious, operated by Delightful Gourmet Pvt. Ltd, is India’s leading food brand operating in the meat and seafood category. Headquartered out of Bangalore, and present across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi- NCR, Hyderabad Chennai and Chandigarh, Licious was launched in 2015 by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta to build a food brand offering prime quality meat products which was otherwise dominated by the unhygienic and unreliable wet market followed by frozen meat options which is an unpopular workaround for Indian consumers. Licious follows farm to fork model where the company owns the entire back-end supply chain powered by world class processing facilities along with stringent cold chain control to scientifically maintain the quality and freshness of each product that reaches the end user. Powered by technology, Licious delivers within 120 minutes of ordering through either the web site or the Licious app.

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