Bajaj Finance Ltd. Monday, November 18, 2019 12:28PM IST (6:58AM GMT)   (NSE:BAJAJFINSV)(BSE:532978) The Many Benefits of Investing in Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Scheme   Pune, Maharashtra, India

As a retiree or a senior citizen, you enjoy some of the best provisions in the financial market. This is especially the case with investments, as many instruments such as fixed deposits, offer better terms for senior citizens. This can be in the form of lower minimum deposit thresholds, fewer withdrawal restrictions and in many cases, enhanced interest rates. For a more detailed understanding, take a look at the benefits you enjoy with a Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit when you invest with Bajaj Finance Limited.
Heightened returns courtesy of boosted interest rates
Many issuers offer FDs with higher interest rates to senior investors. For instance, Bajaj Finance Limited offers seniors a 0.35% increase in the interest rate, bringing it to 8.70%, provided you invest for at least 3 years with interest payable at maturity. This ensures that you can preserve your wealth and earn higher yield at the same time. Considering the fact that you may not have a source of regular income to rely on, it is well worth the effort to opt this FD. To understand better, consider the earnings you can accrue when you opt for Bajaj Finance’s Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit.

Investment amount (in Rs.)Tenor (in Yrs.)Interest rateInterest earned (in Rs.)Maturity amount (in Rs.)

You can forecast your returns incredibly easily by using an FD calculator and plan your investment accordingly.
Flexible tenor and payout options to suit various goals
A key perk of Bajaj Finance FD is that you can invest flexibly as per your goals. This is very important as a lengthy lock-in period may negatively affect your cash flow during retirement. So, to help you address your need for regular income during your golden years, Bajaj Finance offers you the option to access periodic payouts through the tenor. This means that once you invest, you can opt to receive returns on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis for your everyday expenses or healthcare needs.
To understand your potential earnings from a Bajaj Finance Senior Citizen FD for varying interest payout options, consider the following table.

Investment AmountTenor (in Yrs.)Payout frequencyInterest rateInterest payout

Enhanced investment stability and security
As your risk appetite is low once you retire, it’s imperative that you invest only in the safest instruments. Fixed deposits fit the bill perfectly, as they are unaffected by market volatility and assure you returns upon maturity. With Bajaj Finance’s Senior Citizen FD you have nothing to worry about, as reputed credit rating agencies such as ICRA and CRISIL have awarded it the highest credibility ratings. You can rest assured that your money will grow safely while you enjoy retirement, and that you will receive the amount due to you on time and in full.
Heightened returns, flexible tenors, multiple payout options and high stability are benefits that are crucial to a senior citizen like you, and Bajaj Finance’s Senior Citizen FD offers all this and more. In fact, Bajaj Finance even allows you to access your FD’s details through an online portal. As a senior citizen, this of immense value as it reduces the effort required to maintain and manage your investment.
Best of all, investing in this reliable, high-yielding instrument is equally easy. All you have to do is fill an online application form and await a call from an authorised representative who will guide you through the investment process.
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