Delta Thursday, August 1, 2019 10:35AM IST (5:05AM GMT)   TAI:2308(TAI:2308) The 6th Delta Advanced Automation Design Contest (Delta Cup) Indian Students win Delta Advanced Automation Design Contest hosted in China   Gurgaon, Haryana, India The 6h Delta Advanced Automation Design Contest (Delta Cup) has just been held at Delta’s Wujiang Plant in Jiangsu, China, from July 24-28. A total of 79 teams from 72 colleges and universities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Netherlands earned a place in the final contest.  

The 6th Delta Advanced Automation Design Contest (Delta Cup) has just been held at Delta’s Wujiang Plant in Jiangsu, China, from July 24-28. A total of 79 teams from 72 colleges and universities in China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Netherlands earned a place in the final contest.
Many creative and outstanding ideas were brought up by contestants during the contest. From India total 3 teams, one from each, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Vellore Institute of Technology & RV College of Engineering, participated in the contest and presented their design and projects to the judges.
RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India team entered in the final round receiving the most votes from all participants. The solution offers solar panel cleaning equipment that adopts Delta’s PLC to collect and monitor output power, and compare with the optimum calculated by the parameters. If lower, then the solar panel is regarded as dusty and another PLC controls the AC motor drive and motors to automatically drive a spiral brush and clean the panel. The PLC also controls the speed of the brush motor. This eco-friendly system is powered by solar energy. It uses WLAN to transfer the operation status to a cloud platform for monitoring via Wi-Fi. This green smart solar panel cleaning solution saves water without additional power supplies. The completeness and innovation drew the attention of many judges and won First Prize.
The 6th Delta Advanced Automation Design Contest adopted the concept of advanced industrial automation development from Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Under the theme of “Seeking Smart IIoT Talents”, the competition included three major categories: Innovative Machines, Smart Factory, and Better Future Living. This year, the 79 teams that earned a place in the final contest included 62 teams from China, 8 from Taiwan, 3 from Thailand, 3 from India, 2 from Vietnam, and 1 from the newly participating the Netherlands, which elevated the competition to become more international in scope. Aside from the Grand Prize, there were First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and CTO Special Award presented among the other 76 teams at the award ceremony on July 26.
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Enriching College-Industry Cooperation and Nurturing Future Talents
During the final contest, Delta organized a variety of activities and keynote speeches, including a tour of a smart demonstration line and laboratories at the Delta Wujiang Plant, a teachers’ seminar for experience sharing, and a career forum. Through these activities, Delta hoped to create opportunities for more interaction between colleges and industry, and information exchanges between teammates as well as other contestants, for a positive influence on future talent cultivation and development.
The world’s first 8K environmental documentary “Water with Life in Taiwan” was shown to all participants at the award ceremony. A collaboration between the Delta Foundation and NHK Enterprises of Japan, this documentary reveals the importance of environmental sustainability. Delta’s 35,000-lumen 8K projector presented various features of Taiwan's waterscape and natural beauty. The documentary raises the awareness of students and teachers to the impact of global warming and human activities on water and the related environment, and spotlights our precious water resources.
As a world-class provider of smart manufacturing, Delta has improved industrial technology while sharing its experience and techniques with talented students and academics through Delta’s Advanced Automation Design Contest every year since 2014. Delta is dedicated to finding and cultivating more talent for its “Automation for a Changing World”.
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Image Caption : The smart and energy-saving solar panel cleaning system built by the team “The Neat Fleet” from the RV College of Engineering, India enters the final contest with the most votes from all participants, and receives the First Prize. click for high-res image