Royale Partners Investment Fund (RPIF) Monday, July 29, 2019 2:30PM IST (9:00AM GMT)   Royale Partners Investment Fund Shall Invest Above 13,000 Crores in India – Mayur Ghule   Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

CIDB Holdings is a wholly owned Subsidiary of Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia (CIDB, Malaysia), which is a statutory body under Parliamentary Act 520, under Ministry of Works, Malaysia and is established with the objective to boost the quality and productivity of the Malaysian construction Industry.
CIDBH is the investment manager for CIDB Malaysia and also offers 'MS ISO' product testing and certification services. CIDBH invests in private sectors through nominee arrangements with entities registered with it. For the purposes of investment CIDBH is providing necessary funding to Redten Resources Sdn. Bhd. which has signed an agreement with Royale Partners Investment Fund for the same and which has been witnessed by CIDB Malaysia.
“On the basis of this agreement Royale Partners Investment Fund shall invest above 13,000 crores in India for the purposes of housing and Infrastructure,” said Mayur Ghule, Managing Director, Royale Partners Investment Fund Limited.

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