Forevermark Monday, July 15, 2019 6:00PM IST (12:30PM GMT)   Forevermark India Hosted the Eighth Edition of the Forevermark Forum in Bengaluru This year’s Forum, held from 9th to 11th July, 2019, celebrated a new theme: ‘Be Limitless’   Bengaluru, Karnataka, India The goal of the Forum is to bring its partners together to interact, network and exchange insights on Forevermark’s growth and vision for the industry, within a global framework.  

Over the past eight years, Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group, has spearheaded an all-encompassing platform, the Forevermark Forum, for all their authorised jewellers, diamantaires and manufacturers from around the world. The goal of the Forum is to bring its partners together to interact, network and exchange insights on Forevermark’s growth and vision for the industry, within a global framework.
This year’s Forum, held from 9th to 11th July, 2019, celebrated a new theme: ‘Be Limitless’. Key discussions revolved around diversity in thought, culture, design and innovation. Forevermark, known for the most beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds, took spectators through an insightful journey of exclusive showcases, comprehensive consumer and retail awareness campaigns, technology breakthroughs for the industry along with expert talks by new visionaries.
Speaking on the occasion, Stephen Lussier, Chairman, Forevermark, said, “As technology, artistry and innovation change rapidly, our perennial goal at Forevermark has been to develop the present, and adapt to the future. Given our De Beers heritage and legacy, this year we embrace the unconventional path, and explore different avenues to being limitless, at the Forum. Our partners will witness unique retail innovations that will enable and empower them to work with the leaders of the industry.”
Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India, added, “Over the years, the Forevermark Forum has pushed the limits and become a key event for us to strengthen our partnerships and expand our horizons. Inspiring individuals from multiple backgrounds to nurture fresh perspectives, the Forum has remained a key event for leading the diamond industry to new heights. It gives us the opportunity to work closely with our partners and grow our business multi-fold. When we work together, the future is limitless.”
Using interactive displays and retail innovations, Forevermark displayed all its programs for consumers and retailers.
The key highlights showcased at the Forum were:
Diamond Acquisition Study

Forevermark conducted an extensive nationwide research on the purchasing and consumption habits of people in purchasing diamond jewellery. Over 16,000 people across tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities/towns were interviewed about their purchases, revealing data about demand patterns, emerging markets, and milestone occasions for purchase, seasonality and general outlook. This comprehensive study was shared at the forum.

Credential Campaign 2.0
The first Forevermark Credential campaign showcased to consumers, the benefit of buying a Forevermark diamond. The campaign was a roaring success as it addressed all the concerns of a potential buyer and creating brand awareness by highlighting the differentiating factors of Forevermark. This not only increased trust and loyalty for the brand in the minds of our audience, but also reinforced consumer confidence. With the overwhelming, emotional response the campaign garnered, Forevermark is set to roll-out credentials 2.0- Forevermark's largest campaign yet.
Trends 2019

Forevermark displayed over 2000 designs with four key moods: enigma, on the wave, culture fusion and one of a kind. The prime goal of the Trends collection is to stay abreast of future design styles. Enigma, tells a compelling story about craftsmanship with complex symmetries and labyrinthine constructions. On the Wave embodies all that is remarkable about our planet’s aquatic habits and encapsulates the De Beers Group’s ongoing commitment towards conservation of nature. Culture Fusion pays tribute to the present and the future, with modern yet timeless jewellery that celebrates the adventurous human spirit. One of a kind reframes the traditional definition of femininity with striking forms and directional silhouettes representing the strength of a modern woman.

A nuanced understanding of trends supports the creation of investment pieces that are a mix of classic elegance with contemporary appeal.
Consumer Collections
The Forevermark Bridal Collection: This collection honours all the moments that make a relationship unique. With a selection of classic, timeless rings that enhance the brilliance and beauty of a Forevermark diamond, the collection is available in a range of diamond shapes, each individually selected for their beauty.
Half Carat: The Forevermark Half Carat programme targets the urban woman, set out to achieve her dreams and ambitions. Consumer research proved that half carat isn't just ideal for everyday and regular use, but remains versatile in terms of affordability, design and emotional value.
Tribute: The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is an assortment of 22 rings featuring multiple Forevermark diamonds in different shapes, set in either white, yellow or rose gold. A statement of individuality, the multi-diamond designs reflect the wearer’s own distinctive qualities, whilst each one of the Forevermark inscribed diamonds included in every piece is unique.
Traditional Setting: Inspired by South India’s rich heritage, the Forevermark Traditional Setting collection features close setting diamond jewellery in yellow and rose gold. This line of diamond jewellery is traditional, yet modern, appealing to young, contemporary women.
Retail Programmes
The Black Label: An exquisite collection of diamonds cut with supreme symmetry and unprecedented accuracy to reflect dazzling light. Available in five shapes, the precision in cutting the gemstone and maintaining this flawless symmetry makes Forevermark Black Label diamonds sparkle like no other.
100 Carat Collection: This basket of 100 rare, one-carat plus Forevermark diamonds is an enduring testament to flawless craftsmanship and beauty that goes beyond the 4cs. This spectacular showcase is on display for three entire weeks at selected Forevermark authorised jewellers.

Exceptionals: A selection of the most exquisite diamonds in the world above 3 carats, this collection comprises of the few diamonds that carry the Forevermark promise. These diamonds are all about Nature’s precious story that took billions of years in the making.
Red Carpet: Everyone wants to see Hollywood icons at their dazzling best at big-ticket events such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and the BAFTAs. Each year, Forevermark strives to showcase some of India's finest craftsmanship and talent on an international platform, as celebrities adorn pieces from the collections. The exquisite 2019 collection was displayed at the Forum.
Circle of Trust: A radiant collection of diamond bangles – symbolising love and timelessness. Each diamond set in the bangle of this collection carries the Forevermark promise, with a unique inscription number and identification card bearing the assurance of it being rare and responsibly sourced.
Designer Campaigns
Artemis II: Women, like nature, have always withstood the test of time with grace, beauty and elegance. Like a true commitment, they prevail with every challenge, with unmatched calibre of strength, courage and determination. This unique character of the female species inspired the evolution of Artemis by Bibhu Mohapatra into its next incarnation. Each piece represents a beautiful quality, a characteristic, a trait — encapsulating the true essence of a woman.

The Zanyahcollection: Forevermark collaborated with India’s most famous couturier, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, for an exclusive collection inspired by the romantic Twenties and the Italian renaissance. True to its name, Zanyah™ meaning unique, is a collection of delicate, enamelled long-drop earrings and vintage-style rings for both men and women, with hand-selected Forevermark diamonds.
Other elements present at the Forum included:
The Diamond Prism: Crafted with glass and steel, this exquisite art installation highlights the beauty of a Forevermark diamond. When a single laser light is passed through the brilliantly cut diamond, it refracts in a multitude of colors.

Social Café: As Forevermark integrated the social world into retail, with the ‘Social Café – an interactive kiosk demonstrated the physicality of a hashtag.

Gamification in Retail: Gaming is a huge trend among millennials to keep them involved and engaged in the product. Over the years, brands have consciously introduced gamification within their retail experience. Forevermark brought three interactive games to the Forum, to demonstrate the unique integration between jewellery and gaming.

Mind Reader:  The science of retail has advanced significantly to involve multiple senses. Today, with special headgear, customers’ brain waves can be mapped to understand their preferences while shopping. Forevermark displayed this revolutionary innovation for the diamond industry.

Tribute Kiosk: The consumer’s needs for versatility and involvement (designing their own look) led to the creation of this kiosk that allows a consumer to create a virtual ring stack – and even place an order for it.
The 2019 Forevermark Forum was attended by key industry influencers, retail chain owners and independent jewellers from the industry.
Notes to Editors:

About Forevermark

Every Forevermark diamond undergoes a journey of rigorous selection. Our unique inscription is an assurance that every Forevermark diamond meets the exceptional standards of beauty, rarity and is responsibly sourced.

Forevermark Diamonds Beyond The 4Cs

Forevermark goes beyond the standard 4Cs to select diamonds that are genuine, natural and untreated. Forevermark diamonds are cut and polished by master craftsmen to reveal their ultimate beauty and natural brilliance.
Forevermark Diamonds Are Rare

Less than one per cent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be inscribed as Forevermark.
Forevermark Diamonds Are Responsibly Sourced

Each Forevermark diamond is responsibly sourced and embodies our principles of integrity, striving to create opportunities for women and our dedication to protection of the natural world. The inscription is an assurance of the physical integrity of our diamonds throughout their journey, as well as the conscientious integrity with which we run our business.

Forevermark Inscription & Grading

Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with an icon and individual number as an assurance that it has met Forevermark’s standards of beauty and rarity and that it is responsibly sourced. The Forevermark inscription is placed on the table facet of a Forevermark diamond. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription is 1/5000th of a human hair and can only be seen using a special Forevermark viewer available at Authorised Forevermark Jewellers. Authorised Forevermark Jewellers are able to supply a Forevermark Diamond Grading Report to their customers providing an accurate blueprint of the qualities – cut, colour, clarity and caratage – of each Forevermark diamond.  Forevermark is the diamond brand from De Beers Group and benefits from 130 years of diamond expertise. Forevermark diamonds are carefully selected and come from sources committed to high standards; they are beautifully crafted by a select group of Diamantaires and exclusively available from select Authorised Forevermark Jewellers. For more information and to find your nearest Authorised Forevermark Jeweller go to

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