Menghraj & Bros. Thursday, June 27, 2019 2:00PM IST (8:30AM GMT)   Menghraj & Bros Win Single Store Of The Year South Award for 2018 Single jewelry stores sweep maximum awards at All India Gem And Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) 2018 Gala   Bangalore, Karnataka, India Menghraj & Bros (MBJ) won the coveted Single Store Of The Year South Award amongst other leading contestants in the awards gala held on 11th of February, 2019 in Mumbai.  

  • Single stores bag maximum awards amongst 850 entries
  • Single stores excel through custom designs, innovation and personalized experience

‚ÄčSingle jewelry stores won most of the 36 awards across five categories at the recently held GJC National Jewelery Awards (NJA) 2018. Menghraj & Bros (MBJ) won the coveted Single Store Of The Year South Award amongst other leading contestants in the awards gala held on 11th of February, 2019 in Mumbai.

Anil Valecha and Umesh Valecha,  partners of MBJ received the award in the presence of GJC Chairman and  Convener-NJA 2018,  Anantha Padmanaban;  Vice Chairman, GJC  Shankar Sen and Co-Convener-NJA 2018, GJC Ashish Pethe. Noted Bollywood stars Malaika Arora, Rashmi and Madhura Naik were also present as Chief Guests.

GJC NJA is the oldest and largest recognition platform for India’s gem and jewellery sector. E&Y were the process auditors for the award. The awards reveal that in a highly competitive segment dominated by popular, multi-store jewelry brands, single stores are breaking the clutter through design innovation and customer experience.

Case in point is MBJ, a 70 year old, single store jewelry brand, which uses customized designs, product innovation and personalized experience to win and retain customers. MBJ’s lean and agile business model enables it to spot early market trends and new customer segments. It has a skilled team of 12 dynamic executives who manage the store located in Unity Buildings in Bangalore.

Highlighting this trend, Mr. Padmanaban says, “we received 850 entries in the 8th edition of NJA in 2018. Most of the award winners were single stores. We noticed that design submissions were different in this edition. Every jeweler faced stiff competition to compete with the other on innovation.”

“In that sense, it was like an international level competition. The design had to be clutter breaking and not easily replicable. With cut throat competition most jewelers are only offering price innovation. Single jewelry stores sit down and interact with their customers. This insight infused with the jeweler’s passion and creative thinking translates into the ultimate design experience.” 

Expressing his thoughts on winning the award, Mr. Anil says, “we’re proud to receive the NJA Single Store of the Year South award for 2018. MBJ has come a long way since 1949. Then to now, brand MBJ has reflected the sensibilities of our ever growing and aware clientele. We have overtime redefined our offerings as versatile and contemporary to suit our customer’s taste and palate. Our customers of today are urban, contemporary women who demand different designs on each visit. Our store ambience, personalized service and skilled staff keep pace with the demands of our customers.”

“In today’s day and age when jewelry becomes an extended identity of the individual, we take special care in ensuring that every piece becomes a signature design from the house of MBJ. Our custom designs are not just unique but aren’t easily replicable. We specialize in diamond jewelry for corporate and party wear and each piece reflects our unique design thinking. When our customers relate to our motto that our designs are as unique as you, we live our moment of truth,” Anil concludes. 

NJA 2018 comprised various categories. These were Jewellery Awards (16 categories), Excellence Awards (3 categories), Store Awards (5 categories), Designer & Artisan Awards (3 categories) and Student of the Year Award. New categories for CSR Initiative and Women Entrepreneurship were also added. Best students receive scholarships of Rs. 1 lakh each for pursuing studies in Gems and Jewelry.
About Menghraj & Brothers
MBJ legacy dates back to 1949 when India was finding its feet post independence. Shree Menghraj Prabhdas Valecha and Shree Srichand Prabhdas Valecha established a jewelry brand known for manufacturing exclusive bangles and fine jewelry. The store is approved by the Government of India for valuation of precious jewelry.  These talented gemologists are now growing the legacy with their excellent skills in gem identification, modern production and jewelry designs.

About GJC
All India Gem And Jewellery Domestic Council is a national trade federation established to address issues of the industry, protect its interests, it’s functioning and enable growth. GJC, since 2004 has been serving as a bridge between the Government and the trade. It represents interest of over 3 lakh gem and jewelry businesses from across the country. It has Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Allied, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, Gem stones, machinery, etc. including the entire industry value chain from bullion to retail.

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