Rapaport Group Monday, April 15, 2019 5:12PM IST (11:42AM GMT)   Rapaport Launches RapLab India   Mumbai, Maharashtra, India The Rapaport Group is pleased to announce the launch of Rapaport Laboratories India LLP and the RapLab Consultation Card.  

The Rapaport Group is pleased to announce the launch of Rapaport Laboratories India LLP and the RapLab Consultation Card.
This new RapLab Consultation Card (RCC) provides essential diamond grading information and RapNet Quality Verification. Designed for affordable B2B trading by small and medium size companies, the RCC includes BGM, EyeClean, Fluor. Sarin Measurements and Synthetic Testing. The consultation Card can also be upgraded to a full RapLab Diamond Grading Report featuring extensive gemological information and a sophisticated printed report format.
“The launch of Rapaport Laboratories India LLP (RapLab) and the new RapLab Consultation Card will improve B2B trading opportunities in the Surat and Mumbai markets. RapLab services will include the grading of melee and parcels using trade standards and terminology. It will provide buyers with customized quality control and grading services enabling direct sourcing from the Surat and Mumbai markets. Our goal is to provide a broad range of quality control services that will encourage greater transparency and increased trade for Indian suppliers and international buyers,” said Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Rapaport Group.
Information about RapLab is available at www.RapLab.Com and via [email protected]
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