Mom’s Belief Friday, February 22, 2019 6:15PM IST (12:45PM GMT)   Mom’s Belief Presents Model for Special Needs Support at UNITED NATIONS as Zero Project Award Recipient   Vienna, Austria Mom’s Belief was recognized at the UNITED NATIONS, Vienna, for its innovative model that supports the parents of special needs children and the professionals who work with them.  

Mom’s Belief was recognized at the UNITED NATIONS, Vienna, for its innovative model that supports the parents of special needs children and the professionals who work with them.

Awarded by the Austria-based Zero Project as an innovation that helps eliminate the barriers faced by the disabled, Mom’s Belief presented its model to government leaders, healthcare specialists and other stakeholders from 82 countries. Mom’s Belief was identified as a model that can be replicated globally to improve the lives of special needs children and their families.

Mom’s Belief also offered demonstrations of its teaching tools, which accommodate the learning styles of children with developmental disorders and are customized for each child, according to his or her unique needs, skills and strengths. With more than 2,000 hands-on teaching tools available (and many more in production) for use at home and in schools, therapy centers and clinics, Mom’s Belief can offer tailored resources that are accessible and effective.
Mom’s Belief addresses the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, as well as behavioral and mental health issues. Its Home Program assigns a dedicated child psychologist to guide parents and customize resources for use at home. For professionals, Mom’s Belief provides clinical assistance, technical and operational support, and resources that enhance their clinical capabilities and build capacity.

“With cases of developmental disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorder on the rise, creative solutions for special needs children are need of the hour. We firmly believe that parents should be empowered and engaged in the therapy solutions provided for their child, as this leads to better, longer-lasting outcomes. Furthermore, when professionals who have special needs children in their care receive tailored assistance, an ecosystem of support is created for these families. We are encouraged that our model has received recognition and validation at a forum as honored and respected as the United Nations,” says Mom’s Belief Founder and CEO Nitin Bindlish.

Mom’s Belief clinical leaders represent the fields of child psychology/psychiatry, neuro-pediatrics, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, art and music therapy, and special education. The support provided to parents, educators and healthcare providers is precisely tailored with input from these specialists, who have long-standing associations with Stanford University and premiere Indian medical institutions such as AIIMS, Sir Ganga Ram, Max and VIMHANS Hospitals.

To date, Mom’s Belief has supported over 1,400 families in 114 cities across India, as well as in five international locations, including the US, UK and UAE.

“Mom’s Belief has been awarded as a Zero Project Innovative Practice 2019, for their home-based therapy and education program, which supports parents of children with developmental disabilities. A voting panel from around the world praised the project’s clear vision and its innovative home-based component,” said Peter Charles, Project and Process Manager, Essl Foundation.

An initiative of the Essl Foundation, the Zero Project will also promote Mom’s Belief when the UN Human Rights Council meets in Geneva and when the Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities convenes in New York.
About Mom’s Belief

Established in 2015, Mom’s Belief launched its programs in early 2018 after three years of research and development. Mom’s Belief has a clinical team of child psychologists, speech and occupational therapists and special educators who work together to provide guidance and training to parents and professionals who care for children with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, global developmental delay and cerebral palsy. The team also addresses behavioural and mental health issues and is led by senior clinical leaders who are associated with Stanford University and Sir Ganga Ram, Max (Gurgaon), AIIMS and VIMHANS hospitals in the New Delhi area.

Mom’s Belief has developed thousands of resources and teaching tools that accommodate the learning styles of children with special needs. The resources are customized to support the skill development of each child and are delivered to the home. Mom’s Belief relies on the most accessible technology platforms to connect its clinicians with families across India and beyond.

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