Vani Satish Tuesday, June 26, 2018 5:36PM IST (12:06PM GMT)   Vani Satish’s Kannada Romantic Melody Released by TimesMusic   Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Vani Satish’s recent Single “Na KandaKanasu”, a Kannada romantic melody has been released recently by TimesMusic.  

Vani Satish’s recent Single “Na KandaKanasu", a Kannada romantic melody has been released recently by TimesMusic. The song was released and appreciated in the USA by Morrisville Mayor, Sri T J Cawley. This song is getting great response in Social Media. Some of her cover songs like “Naguva Nayana”, Teaser Songs and few live stage clippings had a tremendous response from Social Media Troll Pages. Vani has rendered her voice to several Music Albums starting from Devotional to movies recently. She had the opportunity to work with Kannada Legendary Music Director Sri. Mano Murthy, in the song “Kumbaranna DIGITAL".

Vani Satish has a wealth of experience and consummate professional performer, she is a Live Wire on the stage and has performed in different US cities like New York, Washington, Cleaveland, Richmond, Raleigh, Cary North Carolina and so on around North America.

She is working on her new composition “Guru Vandane” a shloka converted to a song first time ever in history, in a unique composition style using Indian and Western classical Techniques – to be launched soon.

Some of Vani’s upcoming Compositions/Songs, to hit the racks in the forthcoming months:

1) Nanna Dorey: A POP Fusion song based upon Proud Indian women and culture
2) Nanne Preetisu: A solo romantic melody (also lyrics by Vani Satish)
3) Kannada Fever: A Semiclassical rap fusion
4) Sunka – Pay Your Tax
5) Kannada Fusion

Follow her on YouTube: Naguva Nayana | Smiling Eyes| Vani Satish | New Kannada Cover Song –

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