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Dr. Tripathi from Bani Kodar in Barabanki is perturbed by one of his patient’s incessant cough bouts; most of the tests were inconclusive and cough suppressants worked temporarily. This is when, his colleague suggested him to post this challenging case on Indian Medical Association (IMA) UP E-Connect, Dr. Tripathi was amazed at the number of medical opinions and course of treatment suggestions he received from his peers in Uttar Pradesh.
India is the world’s second largest populated country. From 760 million in 1985 to 1.35 billion as in 2018, based on the most recent UN data, the rising population demands a continuous improvement in the health care system.
Disruption has been the buzzword in the growing Indian internet domain that has fueled many innovations addressing the challenges in the health care space. The adoption of mobile technology and improved data services are expected to play a critical role in improving quality of patient care in the regions where primary care physicians are the pillars of health care.
IMA-UP realised the growing importance of collective knowledge through networking and now embraces peer networking as a source of instant knowledge for all its members, through an online ecosystem – IMA UP E Connect.
IMA-UP has partnered with, one of the fastest growing networking platforms for doctors, to launch IMA UP E Connect. This will now allow several thousand members of IMA UP to be better networked with each other, share views, share IMA activities in their own city, ask opinions on cases and collectively impact the quality of health care in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
Launched under the leadership of IMA UP President, Dr. Sudhir Dhakre, it is the first of its kind initiative by a medical body in India.
“There is a great power in connecting medicine and bringing medical professionals across several specialties closer to each other. The future will see Docintosh offering a valuable services to individual doctors and members of medical bodies to interact with each other in their own private environments,” informs Rashmi Thosar, Founder,

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