iChamp Tuesday, February 27, 2018 11:30AM IST (6:00AM GMT)   iChamp Launches Interactive Maths Testing App, Raises Seed Funding   Gurgaon, Haryana, India The revolution in education is here with the launch of iChamp – The Maths Learning and Testing App.  

The revolution in education is here with the launch of iChamp – The Maths Learning and Testing App. iChamp, short for “India Champ”, is an interactive mobile application for kids of Classes 1-8 to test and practice their mathematics skill. The online testing app provides a platform to students to compete with friends and students across India through a gamified testing platform.
iChamp is the brainchild of RNM E-Services, founded by Mohit Bansal, Serial Entrepreneur, IIM-A Alumnus and Ex-Director VidyaMandir Classes. Mohit brings on board his experience in the test prep business with this revolutionary ed-tech app that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to adjust to various skills and modules. Bansal announced the launch of iChamp on the Google Play store with more than 2500 active users within weeks of its launch. iChamp has been seed funded to the tune of Rs 5 Million by friends and family.
iChamp is a Free learning app, that allows students to Take LIVE Tests, against other students, as well as practice tests individually across various topics of Mathematics. Students can also benchmark themselves against peers at an All India Level. It is India's First Multiplayer Live Testing Platform for Mathematics and will soon be expanded to English and Hindi language learning as well.
There are many educational applications available all over the Internet but the main features which differentiate iChamp are Multiplayer Live Testing, Gamification and Byte-size learning. Students find the long and monotonous tests way too boring and thus iChamp comes out with a solution for this by providing very short duration tests that maintain their interest. Additionally, Live testing platforms allow one to compete with other online users. iChamp is fulfilling all the four-stage purposes of a child's all-round personality development as its services incorporate Practise, Testing, Performance, and Improvement. 

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