Dava India Tuesday, February 13, 2018 5:01PM IST (11:31AM GMT)   Dava India, A revolutionary Step by Zota Healthcare Ltd. in the Field of Medicine Now save up to 30% to 90% in your medicine bills   Surat, Gujarat, India ‘Generic’ medicines is a revolutionary step of modern India that can help the common people save the burden of treatments by buying medicines at a nominal rate, saving almost 30% to 90% in the current costly medicines.  

  • 'Dava India' will open 3000 generic stores in two years
  • 'Dava India' will be available in generic stores
  • There are 4 stores in Surat and Navsari, and more than 30 more stores will be operational by March end
'Generic' medicines is a revolutionary step of modern India that can help the common people save the burden of treatments by buying medicines at a nominal rate, saving almost 30% to 90% in the current costly medicines.
With the campaign of 'Generic drugs' initiated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the constant inspiration being received from him, the common people have now awakened to the importance of generic medicine, as well as large pharmaceutical companies are also making various steps to make the movement a success.
A Surat based Zota Healthcare Limited has initiated a similar commendable measure. Zota Healthcare is a reputed pharmaceutical company, exporting to 18 countries all over the world. It has a huge network of over 1200 distributors in India alone and has more than 3200 products. Zota Healthcare is an NSE, SME listed company. The company, which strictly adheres to all the standard production practices as prescribed by the World Health Organization, is now committed to giving its leniency to the generic sector. The company aims at opening more than 3000 'generic drug stores' across the world including India in the next two years. It plans to develop it as a chain of stores and integrate modernity, quality, competence and social welfare in the medical world.
This is a very commendable step at it is aimed at helping the common men from the huge burden of then medicine costs for the family. At the same time, this step will also strengthen the economy of the nation.
'Dava India' will offer as many as 1200 drugs, 300 cosmetic products, nutritious herbal medicines, OTC and surgical products and with that, it will take care of almost all the needs of the consumer. Moreover, there is also a provision for a 'Customer Care Centre' to help solve the customer queries regularly. Customers will also be provided with continuous guidance for their medicines/time, etc. through SMS.
There is always a question in the customer's mind that is the quality of generic drugs inferior to the branded drugs or is it exactly the same? In response to this question, Mr. Ketan Zota, MD, Zota Healthcare Limited, said that the quality of generic drugs and branded medicines, the amount of medicinal content contained in it and its production system are almost the same. So do not hesitate to adopt 'generic drugs' and save money. Discounts ranging from 30% to 90% are available on these medicines and medicines for treatment of numerous diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases, liver diseases, nerve diseases, cancers and joint pains, are available in 'Generic drug stores – Dava India' at nominal rates.
Currently, 4 stores are operational at Surat and Navsari. By March end, 30 more stores will be operational and after that, within two years, there will be more than 3000 stores in different parts of Gujarat and India.
So far, the people were not so aware of 'generic drugs'. They were also sceptical about the quality of these medicines, the reason being the extremely low costs. But now everyone knows that there no difference in the quality of branded and generic medicines and their effects are the same. The only difference is the price. For example, a 10 tablets strip of 10 mg named Rosuva Stain is available in the market at Rs 100, but if you buy from 'Dava India', it is available at Rs. 25. Paclitaxel 260, an injection used for treating cancer is available in the market at Rs. 9430. Whereas, in 'Dava India' it is available only at Rs.1700. It is surely advisable to get medicines at such reduced costs and strengthen the country's economy as well as one's own financial strength. 

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