Häfele Unites Design Possibilities with Form and Functionality at its New Statethe-art Showroom in Bangladesh

Häfele Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7:24PM IST (1:54PM GMT)   Häfele Unites Design Possibilities with Form and Functionality at its New State-of-the-art Showroom in Bangladesh   Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Häfele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, launched its very first state-of-the-art Design Showroom at Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Häfele, the international leader in Interior Functionality, launched its very first state-of-the-art Design Showroom at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Showroom was inaugurated by the German Ambassador, H.E. Dr. Thomas Prinz in Bangladesh. The spacious, (approx.) 3,300 square feet showroom unites globally acclaimed interior trends with innovative functionality through interactive and functional display settings; bringing every imaginable design to reality.
On the occasion of this launch, Mr. Jürgen Wolf – Managing Director, Häfele South Asia shared his thoughts as following:
Mr. Wolf saysHäfele started operations in Bangladesh in the year 2007 owing to increasing demands of quality hardware from major Hospitality and Commercial Projects. Though our initial reach in Bangladesh was only through a small team of Sales Employees for Project Customers, we have now scaled operations within the country with a dedicated Regional office together with service and technical support teams to address all after-sales service needs of our customers. With such a strong foundation backing us, we thought that its the right time to now launch a Design Showroom in the country where customers can experience our functionalities first hand.
He further elaborates the importance of having such design showrooms– Stylish Hardware Fittings that give you the best functionality for your individual application in your business or residence are hard to select from a catalogue; neither can they be imagined or assumed. The Häfele Design Showroom at Dhaka has been designed to unlock the ideal design inspirations through live displays that allow you to experience the functionality of our products and solutions. Moreover, with increasing real estate prices and diminishing living spaces, the trend for innovative and space-saving interior solutions has gained popularity among city-dwellers. Häfele has closely observed this trend and put-together a range of the most space-optimizing solutions with a continuing promise of‚ More life per meter square. You will experience this first-hand when you see our intelligent showroom displays that efficiently manage space and functionality without compromising on comfort or design.
Häfele’s Design Showroom Concept:
Design concepts and ideas can be better understood when they are experienced in LIVE set-ups. This is the ideology that backs the company’s initiative of establishing state-of-the-art design showrooms; where customers can walk in and experience world-class functionality, seamlessly rooted in latest global design trends. Quite inherent to what they do, Häfele is a strong believer of the mantra that ‘Form follows Function’ and the trick is to combine Functionality with Aesthetics and make them work in almost unperceivable unison. This is explicitly displayed in all Häfele Design Showrooms worldwide.
To this experience of functionality, Häfele adds a competent dimension of designing services for kitchens and wardrobes ably extended to customers by an expert team of Designers who exclusively operate from these Design Showrooms.
The typical layout of any of Häfele’s Design Showrooms includes real-time displays of the company’s many product functionalities including a LIVE kitchen which is equipped with storage areas, appliances and other utilities.
The Project Room – Experience the world of 360 degree services!
Following the trend of LIVE displays, Häfele introduces. for the very first time, a dedicated display room for Project Customers at its newest showroom in Dhaka. The Project Room Area simulates Häfele’s 360 degree Project Services proposition that promises a spectrum of project solutions ably backed by technical support and advisory services offered for the entire duration of a project. In this area, you will experience live displays of door hardware catering to different door applications like fire-rated doors, glass doors, residential doors and hotel room doors. These displays are aptly complemented with door hardware products like panic exit devices, patch fittings and one of the widest and technologically superior range of digital door solutions.
Smart Concepts…Innovative Solutions…Infinite Possibilities:
With the launch of this exclusive Design Showroom, Häfele introduces some of its latest innovations in interior solutions, catering to every application of a given interior space.

  1. Door Systems:
The FritsJurgens Pivot Door Systems by Häfele are like rotating walls which when closed are virtually invisible and when opened, determine space. Engineered to render the most enormous door designs, these Pivot Systems are sturdy, easy to install and can hang huge doors weighing up to 500 kgs! Through this range Häfele introduces the next generation of FritzJurgens Pivot Door Solutions: System M. System M offers refined movement control for very smooth pivot doors thanks to a patented technology of high-performance dampers that operate in seamless coordination while hidden entirely in the door. 
  1. Bathroom Solutions:
Holistic solutions for the most exquisite bathroom designs – the Aqua Trendz range of Bathroom Fittings and Accessories allows you the flexibility of recreating your bathroom interiors with one design philosophy and unmatched functionality!
  1. Smart Appliances:
Filter free extraction hood: Häfele’s Nagold Appliances brings to you its TERESA 90 Extraction hood specially designed to absorb the heavy fumes of Asian cooking. What’s more is that this hood comes without filters, eliminating the tiresome activity of cleaning and maintaining the filters on a weekly basis.
Convertible Refrigerator: Nagold’s JR 750NF refrigerator comes with the MultiZone® convertible compartment (utilized either as a fridge or a freezer) that provides the flexibility to increase storage for fresh food and drinks during summer and to switch to larger capacity for frozen food in winter. The cooling system adjusts for the freezer or fresh food compartment in just 60 minutes. The flexible temperature range of -24/+4 ºC helps you keep different foods and beverages at an ideal temperature.
  1. Sliding Solutions:
Häfele’s new Hydro 80 Glass Sliding System for shower cubicles is a contemporary, state of the art sliding mechanism combined with a soft brake feature. Besides providing a pleasing soft close, this feature also enhances safety, preventing fingers being trapped as the door closes, and also protects the glass door itself from impact damage.
  1. Wardrobe Accessories:
Häfele’s new wardrobe accessories are now compatible with Blum TANDEM plus runners with integrated BLUMOTION and offer effective utilization of wardrobe space, soft & silent closings and efficient internal cabinet systems. They are available in variable width options of 600 and 900 mm. The new additions include Trouser or Saree Pull-out, Pull-out Wardrobe Drawers, Pull-out Hanger, Pull-out Laundry Basket, Pull-out Shoe Holder, Shoe Rack, Tie & Belt Fittings and Wardrobe Lift.
  1. Kitchen Solutions:
LEGRABOX by Blum: Straight lines create a sleek and elegant design that clearly defines LEGRABOX, Blum’s new attractive full extension box system exclusively distributed by Häfele. LEGRABOX offers an impressively slim drawer profile thickness of only 12.8 mm, making it the thinnest double wall box-side available in the market. It is straight on the inside and the outside to maximize the usable interior space of the drawer and is available in four luxurious finishes: Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel, Terra Black Matt, Orion Grey Matt and Silk White Matt, all of which give it a distinct look and feel.
Skido Drawer Mats: Häfele presents its new range of Skido Drawer Mats with a variety of new finish and texture options to choose from. The premium quality of these mats is distinguished by their optimum slip resistance characteristics. The mats are made of non-toxic materials as per European standards and are highly safe to be used in under sink cabinets, kitchen and wardrobe drawers. The unique design of these mats with open grids offers instant drainage and slip resistance, providing high grip to the products placed on them. Dishes, cutleries, utensils, spice bottles etc. do not collide with each other due to their antislip properties.
Connect Cutlery Organisers: Häfele’s Range of Connect Cutlery Organisers creates order inside your drawers and brings out the designer in you. Made in a practical 25 mm grid format, a range of different elements with a harmonious linear design, connect with each other to create limitless layouts. This system works in any drawers and can be customised for different depths and widths
Wasteboy: Häfele introduces its new built-in waste separator system, the Wasteboy – a compact unit for sink base cabinets that satisfies the demands of your kitchen waste with acute efficiency. Despite a voluminous waste bin capacity of up to 32 litres (2 x 16 litres), the complete unit is compact and delivered to you perfectly, disassembled and packaged.

Experience these space-efficient and inspiring functionalities at Häfele’s newest Design Showroom. You can now optimize designs that need form and functionality; and spaces that need‚ more life per meter square.

Showroom Details:
At – Hafele Design Centre; House – 106, Road – 12, Block – E, Banani, Dhaka.
Phone : + 880-2-48810380, +880-2-48810381

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