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Source : Religion of Youth (ROY)
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 4:43PM IST (11:13AM GMT)
Religion of Youth Creates Platform for Youth of World to Create a Better Future World
Dr Jawahar Surisetti wants them to express desires, concerns and ideas
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Religion of Youth (ROY) is a platform for youth of the world to voice their concerns, desires and ideas in the creation of a better tomorrow. Eminent educationist Dr Jawahar Surisetti creates this platform to bring the youth together with today’s leadership to participate and plan for future.

Religion of Youth (ROY) is a non-political secular platform which has been created by eminent Educationist and psychologist, because the youth of the world have withdrawn from the current governance because they are disillusioned from the ways of the current generation who leads the world. This is visible by the absence of Youth in voting during elections, by the dwindling youth population in religious places, by their non-participation in political processes and so on.
This is a disturbing phenomena because if the voices of the youth are not heard by the current leadership, then the future world that these young people inherit will not match their vision. But by withdrawal, the youth are doing more harm for their future than good. ROY has been created so that the voices of youth could be heard. The concerns, desires and ideas of the youth of the world have to resound to the current world leadership and a power centre created for future. If these ideas are incorporated today then the future world transition of leadership could be more smooth and confident. This is the aim of Dr Jawahar Surisetti when he created Religion of Youth ASA wake up call to be a part of the process of building a better tomorrow.
He has set a code of primary ethics for all members of the group which keeps them in sync with global values. These ethics like gender equality, treating all religions equally and others are mentioned on the website www.religionofyouth.com for all to be members and create a vision for the future. 
Dr Jawahar gives a call to all youth to participate on all platforms through two to three minute videos on various issues like education of future, likes and dislikes of children, art of thinking, sports and other such issues. These are available on the Religion of Youth YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. 
The aim of ROY is to create a 1 million strong youth force which would be the sounding board for the future world.

Media Contact Details

Dr Jawahar Surisetti, Religion of Youth (ROY), ,+91-9303277947 , jawaharsurisetti@gmail.com


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