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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 4:39PM IST (11:09AM GMT)
Gold Surety’s Franchise Offer Hots-up as a Whopping 1,00,000 Pre Franchise Offers Pour in Advance
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
A new gold revolution is beginning in India and will soon follow to America, Europe and rest of the world.

A new gold revolution is beginning in India and will soon follow to America, Europe and rest of the world. A gold investment and bullion company is making it easier for the working class to get a piece of the most stable investment commodity the world has ever known. Even before it opened its offer for its franchise, a whopping 1 lakh pre franchise offers have poured in, worldwide.
Gold Surety is a world trade marked company which is a conglomerate and a subsidiary of Portalrobot.com, one of the world’s largest web portals companies, owning thousands of web portals.

Gold Surety aims to help provide the world with access to unlimited wealth through investment in gold by allowing people to invest as little as Rs. 28/- for the smallest systematic value of 10 milligrams up to 100 kgs of gold at the prevailing market price. The purchaser first chooses to buy a gold coin or gold bar and then simply choose a period of time from six months to two years or more. They then pay for that gold in — as little as Rs 28/-. On maturity of their investment period, they receive physical ownership of their gold coin(s) or bar(s) that they have invested. The new investment strategy will begin in India, China, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia. A second phase will then roll out in the USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa.

Making a strategic move to capitalize on gold investments, the company will offer franchise in smaller cities and town in each state, as this step will not only help escalate and expand the growth of the company in a rapid way but will also harness the maximum customer base of the company. Gold Surety’s plan will be a game-changer, allowing farmers, teachers, salaried class and just about anyone with any level of income to invest towards their own financial security. The new scheme will catapult gold investments worldwide and help people secure their future by enhancing their financial security in an easy way. Accounts can be made online on their website goldsurety.com or through an investment branch which will be franchised in several cities worldwide. The company has received a record 1,00,000 applications for its franchise from various Asian countries.

The company plans to be the world’s No. 1 gold investment company by 2020, with over 20 million customer base and with a turnover of $200 million worldwide. International gold experts say that with Gold Surety entering the gold market, demand for gold is bound to grow globally by 10 folds in the immediate future. As reported by top American news sites, Gold Surety’s franchise model will be one of the top ten franchises to be watched and demand for the company’s franchise is huge in America, Europe and Asia where gold is considered to be gold. View http://www.goldsurety.com/ for complete details.

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