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Source : Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise
Thursday, February 2, 2017 5:05PM IST (11:35AM GMT)
Gleneagles Global Hospitals Hosts the 6th International Clinical Nursing Leadership Conference
Nursing Leaders, Faculty and students from Singapore, United States of America and India attended the 6th International Conference on “Clinical Nursing Leadership for HealthCare In India- Vision 2020”
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise, recently hosted the 6th International Clinical Nursing Leadership conference in collaboration with University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, USA. This year’s theme was Clinical Nursing Leadership for Healthcare in India- Vision 2020 and the Objectives of the conference was to discuss the vision for the year 2020. This conference saw dignitaries in the field of nursing coming together from India, Singapore, United States of America and the United Kingdom. Internationally renowned Leaders such as Dr. Jaya Jambunathan, Dr. Shelly Lancaster, Mr. Jonah Stephen, Ms. Elaine Ng Kim Choon and Ms. Nellie YEO presence made an Impact in knowledge sharing.

The International Clinical Nursing Leadership conference explored topics such as Non-Positional Leadership: Leading from the Middle by Dr Annapoorna Mary, Asst. Professor and Research Programme Coordinator, Lowenburg College of Nursing, University of Memphis; Leader’s Role in keeping a team Intact and Sustaining team Cohesiveness by Dr Shelly Lancaster, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of Wisconsin, USA; Self-Reflection and Core Competencies of Leadership A Key to Success by Ms. Elaine Ng Kim Choon, Group Director-Nursing, Parkway Pantai; Panel Discussion on Nurse Leader as Change Agent: Impacting Changes with Consultants, Administrators, Patients and Nurses, the panel session was moderated by Ms. Abanti Gopan, Retd Nursing Professor & NABH Assessor, Kolkata and Dr Kanchana, Principal, Omayal Achi College of Nursing, Chennai, the panel members were Dr Meera Achrekar, Professor and Asst Nursing Superintendent, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, Ms. Saroja Jeyakumar, CNO, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, Ms. Josephine Cyril, Director of Nursing, Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad and Dr Sundari Edwin, Nursing Director, SIMS, Chennai; Paradigm shift for future Nursing Leadership- Agility, Resilience and Flexibility Gathers Momentum by Dr Selva Titus, Dean, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore; and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Mr. Jonah Stephen, CEO, Stephen Consulting & Ventures Pvt Ltd. The conference also had interactive sessions : Critical Elements of Leadership: Emotional Quotient versus Curiosity Quotient by Mr. Yayathee, CNO, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, LKP, Hyderabad and Ms. Beulah Priyadarshini, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Gleneagles Global Health City; and Preceptorship for Clinical Leaders by Ms Laura Smolinski and Ms Timothy Wren, Faculty, College of Nursing, University of Wisconsin.
Gleneagles Global Hospitals believes that healthcare organizations and nursing education programmes must speedup to prepare effective leaders in the field of nursing by 2020. Proactive succession planning is a key to having leaders in nursing that respond effectively to new challenges and opportunities that may arise in the near future. The establishment of a healthy work environment requires strong nursing leadership at all levels of an organization, especially at the point of care or unit level, where most front line staff work and patient care is delivered.
It is challenging for today’s leaders to predict what knowledge, skills, and abilities would be required to lead in the future. The conference was especially designed to bring the concept of leadership into middle level managers and to develop a positive impact of healthy work environment on staff satisfaction, retention and Interdisciplinary collaboration partnering with clinical team for improved patient clinical outcomes
Dr Jothi Clara J Micheal, Director-Nursing & Quality, Gleneagles Global Hospitals said, “Growing, future nursing leaders for India is a long term quest. We have sowed an Oak seed which will soon bloom into a huge Oak tree to benefit Patients, Public, Physicians and Payors in both preventive and curative aspects. Journey of Nursing at Gleneagles Global Hospitals is an ever-growing continuum of excellence assuring patient care quality and safety. Carving Nursing talent in clinical leadership, integrating proactive – predictive approach is our hallmark. Hospitals under the Gleneagles Global Hospitals brand have achieved excellence in Nursing and this is only the start on the journey to excellence. We Nurse Leaders at the brand will continue to strive forward march in nursing to be more scientific yet retaining altruism & high level of integrity in patient care.”
Ms. Elaine Ng Kim Choon, Group Director- Nursing , Parkway Pantai said, “Aspiring Nursing Leaders should have right attitude, commitment, be passionate about what they are doing and should have open mind to all the feedbacks and improvements required in Nursing care. Nursing is not a stagnant profession; nurses have to embrace life-long learning and competency because of new technology & emerging diseases. The most important best practises which nurses should embrace are “be truthful to yourself & patience- is a key to decision making.”
Dr Jaya Jambunathan, Professor, Emeritus, College of Nursing, UW Oshkosh, USA, said, “The MOU between University of Wisconsin , Oshkosh  and Gleneagles Global Hospitals, India has agreement on collaborative Research and clinical practice. For the past 5 years we have brought undergraduate nursing students from USA to meet the objectives of their clinical requirement in the developing country. Vision 2020 for India – focuses on Evidence Based Practices to get positive patient outcomes and being very cost effective deliverers of care, which can only be achieved with Good Nursing Leadership.”
The International Clinical Nursing Leadership conference enabled participants to envisage the mindset and characteristics which nursing leaders need to acquire, thus efficiently dealing with Z generation staff. The participants were taught to appreciate the paradigm shift in clinical Nursing leadership and to be a co-creator of safer health care. The workshop also wished to empower bedside nurses and nursing leaders by helping them reflect on their strengths & capabilities in order to hone their leadership skills.
About Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise:
Gleneagles Global Hospitals is part of Parkway Pantai, a fully owned subsidiary of IHH Healthcare. In India, Gleneagles Global Hospitals operates a chain of multi-super specialty hospitals offering tertiary and quaternary healthcare services with over 2,000 beds and state-of-the-art, world-class hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. A pioneer in kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants, Gleneagles Global Hospitals provides comprehensive multi-organ transplant services in the country.
Gleneagles Global Hospitals aims to strengthen and expand its leading market position as a destination for multi-organ transplant for patients from India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. We are committed to further our aspiration of making quality healthcare more accessible to all.

Website: http://gleneaglesglobalhospitals.com/

Photo Caption: Delegates at the 6th International Clinical Nursing Leadership Conference

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