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Monday, June 6, 2016 3:38PM IST (10:08AM GMT)
Amity Boosts Online Certification in India
Knowledge and skill empowerment for the 21st-century workforce
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Online Certification is an enabling digital gateway for learners to imbibe knowledge and enhance skills in chosen disciplines largely through self-learning, hands-on engagement, peer and teacher interaction, and industry interface. An innovative knowledge boosting and career up-skilling platform, Online Certification offers effective and convenient learning opportunities, often allowing students to scale up the certification to acquire higher academic degrees. From live interactive classes to group engagement to project collaboration – Online Certification empowers learners as they aspire for industry recognized or endorsed certificates.

With the Digital Revolution relentlessly expanding the horizon of the possible, each day we negotiate with the sound and fury of change. One way to manage change and make sense of the new is to keep on learning. Fortunately, now learning can happen anytime from anywhere using almost any smart communication device. And, recognizing the endless possibilities of digitally driven learning, education institutions are offering online courses unimpaired by geography, time zones, and learning platforms. With its multi-pronged approach to learning, Online Certification is increasingly gaining traction among educators and learners from very different backgrounds.

As the education ecosystem witnesses this rising trend – the popularity of Online Certification across disciplines and for professional enhancement – there is a BIG question to be addressed. Will the digitally enabled Online Certification gradually take the place of the traditional brick-and-mortar driven college degree? No easy answers to this one, but let’s see.

First, we look at the contemporary learning ecosystem. For years represented by the traditional classroom model, today education leads a parallel vibrant life outside physical walls! Education has transformed into learning that is immediate, self-driven, and on-the-move: an incessant activity warranting constant learning and evolution. Side by side, one witnesses the rising cost of traditional classroom courses, lengthy tenure of study, and lack of appropriate jobs post degree acquisition. So, more and more students are attracted to short and economical certificate courses in addition to college degrees. And, others are seeking out certificates to reinforce existing degrees, for enhancing existing capabilities, to get noticed in their professional circles, or for new and better employment opportunities.
Second, the numbers one comes across in reports, surveys, and studies are quite revealing. Home to around 1.3 million learners in the online education space, according to recent estimates, India is globally ranked third in terms of online learning market size. With Online Certificate courses encouraging working professionals to acquire new skills and know-how, business functions like Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Big Data Analytics are witnessing enormous demand for knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Experts opine, given the trend, the value of the online education market in India is set to reach $40 billion by 2017 from the current $20 billion.
As Ajit Chauhan, Vice-Chairman of Amity Online Education, says, ‘Enrollments in Online Certificate programs continue to increase year-on-year. For instance, over the past one year, it has grown more than thirty per cent. Realizing the potential and effectiveness of Online Certification, Corporate India is becoming progressively inclined to utilize e-Learning for employees across professions. As learners increasingly focus on career advancement, we witness strong growth in online professional degree programs. We expect to see accelerated growth in online learning over the next 2-3 years'
Here, a quick review of two popular Online Certification courses is worthwhile for they offer interesting takeaways.
Over the last few years, Marketing via digital platforms and by using online tools has gained popularity and is now widely practiced across industries. If only our Internet-enabled message inboxes could speak up! Recognizing this change in marketing strategy and focusing on providing a comprehensive learning experience, Amity Certified launched its Digital Marketing course. Taking a hands-on approach, the course enables learners to acquire new skills and gain work exposure by executing campaigns via real-life projects. The three-month course covers a range of Digital Marketing domains and tools, offers real-life experience through projects, teaches ways to plan and implement effective campaigns, and helps learners prepare for leading digital marketing certifications. From Search Engine Optimization to Web Analytics to Content, Mobile, Email, and Social Media Marketing – learners gain practical insights on innovative strategics in online marketing to connect with new waves of the Internet-based audience.
Talking about Amity Online Education, in the last one year, the platform has trained thousands of working professionals from different industry backgrounds through Online Certificate courses. These programs are delivered either through online self-learning or via live online instructor-led training. Amity Online also received hundreds of registrations per month for courses ranging from Web App Programming and IT Security Management to Financial Management. So, one gets a sense of the rising popularity of Online Certification in India!
Now Project Management is another professional domain that is expected to open up over 15 million jobs by 2020. Again, sensing the need to provide a well-researched and industry-vetted learning experience, a three-month course in Project Management was launched by Amity Certified. A well-recognized skill enhancement program, the program covers the fundamentals of implementing standard processes and practices in projects, teaches ways to deliver projects faster at reduced cost and with high business value, and helps learners prepare for CAPM© certification.

Talking about enrollment of the learners in the past one year, Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Vice Chairman of Amity Online Education explains, “Amity Online Education’s courses are geared towards empowering students, job aspirants, working professionals, and entrepreneurs across industries. The e-Learners aged 21–45 are mostly from the metros. But we are also getting encouraging response from non-metros and Tier II and Tier III cities. The applicants are young professionals who want to append additional skills to their profile and look for quick career advancement. Alongside mid-level managers, we have candidates facing career stagnation. Online Certification enables both to cultivate actionable business intelligence in their work. Individuals who want to rejoin the workforce, for example, female employees who have been on maternity and personal breaks, are also pursuing Online Certification courses.’
Research literature reveals that an increasing number of individuals, institutions, companies, and businesses are turning to e-Learning. Now, more than ever before, e-Learning courses and online training programs are being sought for personal and professional education. In India, e-Learning holds immense potential and is poised for exponential growth in the near future. Effective and convenient, Online Certification, in particular, has ignited the imagination of the 21st century learner in India!
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