Source : Mickey Mehta Wellness Temple
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 2:53PM IST (9:23AM GMT)
Mickey Mehta Launches the Revolutionary Yo! Workouts on a Global Platform
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mickey Mehta, who is the Global Holistic Wellness Guru, has recently launched his signature line of workouts known as the Yo! Workouts, on a global platform. The workouts are designed to be a blessing to the youth, who are looking for quick-fix solutions to all life's issues, while taking care of the elderly who are constantly pushing and reaching out to new boundaries.
“It’s my gift of gratitude to the wellness industry,” says Mickey Mehta, taking it out to the people through his 360 Wellness Temples in the city and country. “Through them, I intend to revolutionize the very concept of wellness, well-being, health and fitness,” he explains. The workouts are designed in a way that it caters to individuals of all walks of life, irrespective of any age-bars.
‘Yo Workouts’ are a soul-searching synergy of exercises that comprises of Flow-Yo, Card-Yo, Stretch-Yo, Strength-Yo, Ab-Yo, Cross-Yo and Cool-Yo. The ‘Yo Workouts’ are a part of the popular Wellness Revolution for Human Evolution campaign that he drives globally.
‘Yo! Workouts’, the wellness guru promises, will be a wake-up call to every soul in the universe to take their wellness seriously and to the next level.  It has taken Mickey Mehta years of scientific research and new age study, a constant pursuit of what works best for mankind, to create the ‘Yo Workouts’. The workouts are based on the principles, spirituality and science of Yoga. They have been carefully reworked upon by Mickey Mehta so that every workout connects body to mind, mind to spirit, spirit to body and hence,  leading to wholeness and evolution.
 “I want Wellness to be the World’s Religion No. 1,” says Mickey Mehta, “I will take every initiative to work towards making ours a disease-free world. If that happens, then every day will be like a celebration not just for me – but for all of us. I want everybody to get energized. When you do that, your potential gets maximized and optimized. It’s what I call ‘Getting Mickeymized’.”
“Let Wellness be the Religion no. 1”
Says Global Leading Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta—life coach, philosopher, and author. As a brand – an institution personified, Mickey has interwoven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra and Ved, and many more and developed holistic health systems that form the base of his signature wellness workouts and natural healing concepts and methodologies.  He promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly and has been spreading the message of Holistic Health.  His repertoire is second to none.
Mickey has many firsts to his credit; for instance he has revolutionised the concept of "Learn Swimming in 24 hours," which has put him in the book of world records and is also the first to start equipment-free workouts with his brand Mickey Mehta’s 360° Wellness Temples. With a vision to create a disease-free world, his wellness ideologies (read: Get Mickeymized) have been spread through TV, radio, print, and social media for about 35 years. With this vision to reach out worldwide, Mickey strongly invites us to join his wellness revolution for human evolution!

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