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Monday, August 31, 2015 6:24PM IST (12:54PM GMT)
AKP’s Viral Expected to Hit Reality Hard as Nudity gets Viral
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Social media has become an all-pervasive presence in today’s teenager’s lives. It is often felt an indispensable need and even a day without it seems like a day spent stuck at one point without any motion. But what that indispensability has cost us is quite hard to pin down and what social media has pervaded has reached down to something as private as one’s sex life. What the upcoming film of Anand Kumar Productions focuses on is what I would call the idea of abundance in a world close-knit by internet. The movie is aptly titled Viral as some ‘shots of lust’ get or is gotten viral.


The movie catches on a very-popular-among-teenagers idea of ‘sex chats’ where a teenage couple shares some nude clicks, merely for the idea of fun or pleasure. Mostly, it is the girl who shares her nude clicks as it goes without saying how we fetishise the female body. But these less then innocent game of sex and to some extent voyeurism are not that simple to be played by any or everybody. Unfortunately, the ‘abundance’ of social media and an easy access to it has made it a common sight.

The official teaser of Viral is out and it shows a Whatsapp conversation between a teenage couple where the guy expresses his intent to be “too deep” in his girlfriend.

What might come as a shocking revelation to the older generations is the girl’s easiness to it and happy agreement on sharing a nude click with her boyfriend.

Though the official trailer is yet to be released but Viral is expected to make it to people’s hearts as the movie is brutally close to our real lives. Although inspired from true events, Viral depicts, on an allegorical level, the exposure we all face from social media. The ‘abundance’ of exposure has almost crashed us and left us nude (or empty) to ourselves.

Viral is expected to be released on Valentine’s 2016, with the tagline “This valentine, it’s all about lust”. One must be surprised at the knock at reality by Anand Kumar Productions as the movie is expected to depict the breakdown of relationships with an almost-absence of love and an ‘abundance’ of lust in today’s teenage relationships. Viral is expected to hit each one of us with its brutal realism and honest trajectory of a lustful world infected by abundance of social media.

Video Caption: Video- Viral – The Film Official TEASER

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