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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 12:32PM IST (7:02AM GMT)
GROHE Sensia® – The Latest Generation of Shower Toilets from GROHE
New Delhi, Delhi, India

GROHE now offers a unique range of products designed to help preserve that wonderful feeling of freshness and cleanliness all day long. Four different GROHE Sensia® product lines harness the power of water for a gentle and natural personal care. These shower toilets raise the bar for hygiene and comfort, helping users feel clean and at ease every time, all the time.
The four GROHE Sensia® product lines once again demonstrate the manufacturer’s leadership in the areas of technology and innovation. By bringing these sophisticated shower toilets to the market, GROHE is extending its water expertise to a new field. Proven technology and elegant design are combined with the highest levels of quality and user-friendliness. All GROHE Sensia® shower toilets are exceptionally innovative products, which raise users’ quality of life, comfort and sense of well-being every day anew. Most importantly, their functionalities are easy to personalise to meet user needs and preferences in what remains a delicate area of body care.
Advanced engineering for intuitive operation

GROHE Sensia® shower toilets share an exceedingly high level of user friendliness. Functions are identified by clear and largely self-explanatory symbols on all buttons as well as on the remote control touchscreen. The cleaning and care programmes can be personalised to meet each user’s unique needs and preferences. Adjustable functions range from the intensity of the proven GROHE DreamSpray®, the water temperature as well as the positioning of the shower arm. Users benefit from a spray with forward and backward movement, a massage spray setting and a “Lady” shower for feminine hygiene. A gentle drying phase courtesy of a warm air blower completes each cycle.
GROHE products are designed and engineered to perform to uncompromising standards of cleanliness and hygiene. This is why, for example, the shower head is automatically rinsed before and after each use. The toilet bowl itself is protected by GROHE Hygiene®, a special anti-stick coating that prevents residues from clinging to the bowl and a permanent special glazing – HyperClean – which reduces bacteria formation on the surface by as much as 99 percent. In addition, the new GROHE PowerFlush® technology uses two or, depending on the model, even three jets to flush the bowl with water which reaches every area of the specially designed toilet bowls. One of the models features a rimless bowl which is easier to clean because nothing can get stuck under the rim. Last but not least, there is an integrated odour extraction unit for the utmost in comfort and discretion.
Here is an overview of the four different product lines:


Already available internationally, this line is distinguished by its elegant design and its numerous high-tech details. Particular highlights include an innovative seat-mounted controller with a user-friendly turn-and-push function as well as a highly advanced touch-screen based remote control unit. Up to four individual user profiles or personalised care programmes using different water temperatures and spray modes can be stored and activated simply by pushing a button. As for bowl hygiene, this shower toilet performs thermal cleansing cycles using 70 degrees hot water at regular intervals. An automatic descaling programme completes its impressive list of features.
GROHE Sensia® Arena

The upcoming launch of the GROHE Sensia® Arena line of shower toilets by GROHE will mark a world premiere. The lozenge shaped bowl, a signature element of the GROHE Design DNA, was created at the GROHE Design Studio led by Paul Flowers. The lozenge shape ensures a perfectly ergonomical design of the bowl both for the floor-standing and for the wall-mounted toilet. Moreover, the GROHE Sensia® Arena shower toilet offers the most innovative features such as an air-infused shower spray, a rimless bowl, automatic lid opening and, in the case of the floor-standing model, automatic flushing and rinsing using GROHE sensor technology.
GROHE Sensia® Premo

Only recently launched in the Japan, this new line of shower WCs combines a stylish look with a number of extraordinary features including a sound module. This enables users to listen to relaxing sounds while enjoying the soothing water treatment. GROHE Sensia® Premo also features an extremely quiet yet highly powerful flushing function whose sound resembles the murmur of a mountain brook. A heated seat completes the picture.

This floor-standing shower toilet is packed with the latest in Japanese technology to deliver the most user-friendly shower WC experience. Pushing a few buttons is all it takes to completely personalise the spray pattern, the spray intensity and the water temperature. In addition, the unit integrates GROHE PowerFlush® technology for maximum flushing action and thorough bowl cleaning within seconds. Automatic lid opening, a comfortably heated seat and a slim design make GROHE Sensia® CBS an instant favourite with consumers in Asia, which is where the product will be launched exclusively for the time being.
Hygiene and freshness at the touch of a button – GROHE Sensia® marks a new dimension in shower toilet performance and convenience.

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