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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 5:20PM IST (11:50AM GMT)
Life After Combined Heart and Lung Transplant – Patient’s Point of View
While the excitement of the retrieval of organs has been well documented in the media, little is known about how these recipients fare after the transplant
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

In an attempt to increase awareness on improving timing of referral in patients with end-stage lung disease, doctors at Apollo Hospitals today showcased success rates in the increasing number of combined heart and lung transplant procedures performed in the city.

Senior Consultants, Cardiothoracic and Transplant surgeons, Dr Paul Ramesh Thangaraj, Dr Sunder T and Dr Madhan Kumar who were present briefed the gathering on how comprehensive interdisciplinary end-stage lung disease management has ensured good success rate at Apollo Hospitals.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Paul Ramesh said, “The heart and lungs are intricately entwined organ systems. End stage lung disease can cause failure of the heart and end stage heart disease can cause failure of the lungs. Combined heart and lung transplants are an option for selected patients. A lung alone can be transplanted in those patients where the heart is not irreversibly damaged by lung disease. This calls for increased awareness and early referral. ”

Apollo Hospitals has performed heart and lung transplants on 6 patients in the last 18 months. The unit at Apollo Hospitals has done the most number of combined heart and double lung transplants in India. The unit has also successfully performed this procedure on a 67 year old (this is second oldest patient in the world to receive this operation – the oldest was 68 year old).

Chennai, over the last few years, has witnessed a lot of transplants, but unfortunately there is little documentation on success rates of these transplants. The donor’s family goes through a lot before taking this huge decision. But what happens after they donate their organs?  What happens to people who receive these transplants in the long term? Have their lives been changed by the transplant? Has the ultimate altruistic act of the donor family made any impact on the lives of the people who received the gift?

Patients Mr. Hanifa, Mr. Asokan, Ms. Devanayaki and Ms. Aruna who successfully underwent transplants were also present to address and break common myths associated with transplants.

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