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Wednesday, December 10, 2014 1:13PM IST (7:43AM GMT)
SSIED Starts Training on Online Business
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

With internet playing a pivotal role in our daily life, business tactics have also changed. Traditional business methods are being replaced by online trading companies.

Siddharth Samel, a certified ‘Marketing Strategist’ from UK and a global leader in the .COM consulting and training industry, took it upon himself to fill up the void in the business sector. Since last 10 years, Samel has been a guide to around 40,000 online entrepreneurs worldwide. With an aim to educate and train candidates in India to start online business companies, Samel founded Siddharth Samel Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (SSIED) in August 2014. SSIED is the first institute in India that provides training on ‘how to start online businesses.’  The highlight is that the institute has designed such a course, with the help of which, one can start an online business with low or zero investment. In a short span of time, SSIED has got a reputation for itself and all the batches are running with full capacity.

The existing candidates who are learning this online entrepreneurship program find this program to be helpful in shaping their future. One such candidate, Shashikant said “I have never known about such an enlightening training program ever before, I am almost ready to launch my online business before the end of December 2014. Another candidate, Neha Rajgadkar said, “I was so existed to learn this program as I knew this would help me to achieve my dreams of starting a successful .COM company”. 

About SSIED:

SSIED is playing a major role to empower the people who didn’t know how and what business to start and thus truly contributing to the entrepreneurship development for the country. After Nagpur, it has plans to start their training office in Pune by February 2015. The details of the online business training program can be found on their website

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