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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 4:56PM IST (11:26AM GMT)
Empowerment By The Arts- The British School New Delhi Ignites Young Minds
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Vincent van Gogh, the famous impressionist artist, once said, “I dream my paintings, and then they paint my dream.” The 2014 Round Square Conference, from the 3-5 December, at The British School, Delhi aims to empower students and expand their horizons through the tremendous influence and creative power of the arts. The Round Square, an international organization, consisting of more than 120 schools in five continents serves to facilitate participation in various community service projects, work projects, exchange programs and adventurous activities.
The British School New Delhi believes that transcending regional borders is key to unlocking a more compassionate, open-minded and tolerant world. As the Director of The British School, Dr Nick Argent said in his inaugural speech, “through art we can empower children to self-respect and self-fulfillment.” The school embodies the Round Square ethos in its motto “We fly with our own Wings” with emphasis on individuality and creativity. The conference will propagate the “Empowered by the Arts” movement with a special focus on Child Rights. As Shakti Maira, celebrated artist, sculptor, writer and the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony said: “Beauty is not fixed but dynamic and our aim is to enable the realisation and development of each child’s sense for beauty.”

The sessions will encourage the conference theme on Child Rights in an original and innovative manner reaffirming the belief that arts are the cornerstone of creative problem- solving and intellectual brilliance. In the words of the school Principal Ms Vanita Uppal OBE, the Round Square Conference 2014 will be an “aesthetic journey like none other to heighten your sensibilities and enable you to craft, enact and embed your individual learnings.”

Art has the power not only to depict our world, but to shape our destiny. The mellifluous tunes of Music ensure that we hear only the sweetest sounds, the vivid hues of Art ensure that we see only the most striking images and the wide spectrum of emotions expressed through Drama ensures that we feel only the deepest of feelings. As the Guest of Honour, Ms Sanjna Kapoor, co-founder of the Junoon theatre, said “There is such ugliness everywhere, only if we stay connected to the arts, can we engage on a path of self –discovery.”
Over the course of three days, participants from 12 schools will engage in a range of exciting activities and thought-provoking discussions on Child Rights and empowerment through the arts to collate all of their diverse ideas. This conference will enable the delegates to come up with groundbreaking solutions that will, hopefully, be a constructive step towards a better future.
About the School

The British School in New Delhi is unique. Not just because it is home to a rich cultural mix of almost 850 students with 55 nationalities ranging from ages 3 to 18 years. Not because it operates a not-for-profit system with an inclusive approach. The reason is simple – it is more than a school. It is a family.
The school was started in July 1963 by a group of British parents with 40 students representing six nationalities in a residential colony. They were supported by the British High Commissioner. In 1969, the school moved to its present site in Chanakyapuri, the heart of diplomatic area. Today it is still owned and managed by students’ parents who form The British School Society. For more information, please visit

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