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Friday, November 14, 2014 10:00AM IST (4:30AM GMT)
International Money Matters Pvt Ltd Awarded Global Recognition in Financial Planning
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Recently, one of our local Bangalore entrepreneurs won an international award for financial planning. Lovaii Navlakhi, CFP®, Founder & CEO of International Money Matters was named as the First Runner-Up for the Asia Region at the prestigious PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards. Advisors from all over the world submitted entries based on actual financial plans they had completed, with the permission of their client. Five judges adjudicated the submissions for each region, then shortlisted the entries down to the two best plans that reflected the ideals of the profession. Two finalists for each region were then asked to present their plans virtually in order to determine the winners.
"The experience of participating in the awards selection process for the PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards was energizing” he said. “The width and depth of criteria used for evaluating the entries and the interview with the erudite panel of judges will certainly help to raise our practice a few notches. Recognition by the peer group of planners does feel like a big accomplishment — now I understand what Oscar winners feel when they are endorsed by the Academy."
Awards have many benefits for your business and even your customers especially if you are in the service industry. Clients and industry experts are always looking for source of information to validate your expertise and claims. Awards given by industry experts are a great way to build trust and credibility among prospective clients. They create greater awareness for your brand and bring in more enquiries and customers.
International Money matters also won 4 regional awards at the Wealth Forum Advisor Awards 2014 India making it one of the most preferred choices for financial planning.

  1. SIP Champion in the Regional Category
  2. Retail Champion in Regional category
  3. Business Champion in Regional Category ( Increase in Assets under Management)
  4. Regional Distributor of the year

With global recognition, like in the case of Lovaii Navlakhi, whose name is now prominently mentioned on the Planplus website, comes a great motivational boost for the entire company. A truly successful business that is worthy of awards is made from the hard work and dedication of every employee. From the CEO to the janitors, every employee has an important role in making the business as great as it has become. Knowing that their efforts helped the business achieve award-winning status improves morale and may even increase productivity.
Wee Hen Tang, one of the judges who has been advocating the financial planning practice in the Asia region said "The PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards are not only prestigious, but serve a great purpose, especially in the Asia region where financial planning is still in the growing stages. The awards instil confidence among practitioners in the profession by encouraging them to write more financial plans, and challenging them to raise their bar to strive for excellence in serving their clients."
It’s a difficult path to getting an award, but small and large businesses are clearly eligible as long as the company strives to provide the best for their customers and employees.

About International Money Matters:

International Money Matters Pvt Ltd. (IMMPL) is a SEBI registered financial planning and investment advisory. We help clients achieve their long term and short term financial goals. IMMPL caters to the financial needs of over 400 individuals and families both in India and abroad. The firm manages assets worth over $100million across the globe. It has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

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