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PubliCon 2014: Publishing Across Platform
December 3, 2014; FICCI, New Delhi
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The digital revolution has brought about a number of changes in the world of publishing. It has not only revolutionised publishing processes, but has also brought new model of book distribution and new method to read and interact with the book. Along with the digital revolution, there have emerged a number of ancillary industry that have changes the world view of both the publisher and the reader.
The digital revolution has enabled the creative industries, publishing services, technological innovations to become an integral part of the publishing process today. Further, existence of numerous publishing apps clearly indicates that publishing is increasingly moving towards a mobile platform. Readers now not only want to read a book they want to interact with it. These new developments have also brought to the fore new challenges of innovation, strategy and adaptability.
The major challenge that a publisher faces today is how make a published work available across multiple platforms and to get more value out of it. Content strategy and information architecture management are new buss words through which the publishers grapples with.
In order to address these important issues FICCI is organising a conference, PubliCon 2014: Publishing Across Platforms. The conference will look into these new areas of publishing and will try to find solution of some of the challenges faced by publishers and other publishing solutions providers.
The conference will witness Keynotes by Mr. Pawan Varma, Author and Adviser to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar, and Ms. Vandana Kumari Jena, Author and Secretary, Department of Land Resources, Govt. of India. One of the major features of the conference is the Plenary Keynote Address of Mr. Rajiv Chilaka, Founder & CEO, Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd. Rajiv Chilaka is the creator or animated TV shows such as Chhota Bheem, Vikram Betal, Krishna, Mighty Raju, Arjun and many more. He will share his perspective and case study of how content could be created and marketed for multi-platform consumption. The other important themes of the conference are: “Adaptive Content: Apps, Books and Visual Media”, “Protecting IP in the Digital Age” and “Online Media and Book Distribution”.
Currently, about 22 per cent of all web content is consumed via the mobile. For a publisher it is important to create content for use and re-use across multiple platforms. The session on Adaptive Content will showcase how content authorship and form could be interwoven, to enable a mind-set shift  from content created for a platform to content that lives outside of platform and moves across platforms. Similarly, the session on Protecting IP in the Digital Age will showcase how this transition will help in leveraging IP and generating new revenue streams for publishers. Online media marketing has emerged as an excellent tool that has eliminated printing and distribution costs, increased readership, boosted online sales and has greatly enhance the readers’ choice for quality content. The session on Online Media and Book Distribution will bring experts to talk about online media marketing in books and content, and the ways in which publishers could make use of online retail for marketing and distribution.
The conference will be of immense importance for people connected to the publishing world, viz., textbook and STM publishers, trade publishers, content creators, authors, editors, technology companies, social media marketers, booksellers and distributors.
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