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Monday, October 13, 2014 1:59PM IST (8:29AM GMT) Offers The Diwali Knockout Rummy Tournament for 30 Lakhs revolutionises Diwali card games – 201 Pool Rummy Tourney offers uber cash surprises to players!
Hyderabad, India

Creating sensations seems to be completely up’s alleyway. The latest in a series of Rummy Tournaments, the Diwali Knockout Rummy Tournament being offered by ace2three promises to revolutionise the Diwali card games trend so far.

The site is throwing this tournament open for a Grand Prize of 30 lakhs and players will be playing at 201 Pool Rummy. Being organised in two phases, the qualifier phase and the final phase, this Tournament ensures that the best players get pitted against each other in the final round. has been leading in the online rummy market since inception and the humungous scale of the tournaments has ensured that no players feel left out. Customer feedback at the site suggests that players have had a heightened gaming experience through the multi-player tournaments and the challenge that ensues from competing with large number of players at online card tables.
201 Pool Rummy Tourney opens the doors to win up to 30 Lakh Cash prizes on Diwali! Like always brings you a ‘dhamakedaar’ tourney and an equally grand cash prize for 30 lakhs and no less.
The commitment to offering excitement is evident in the latest Diwali Tourney. Tourney Qualifiers start from 13th Oct and last till 24th October at Rs.50 Entry Fee. 3000 Participants will be welcomed to play and 500 Winners will win 1.5 Lakh cash prizes every day as well as Entry to Final 1!
Free Entry Qualifiers are on 18th& 24th October and Winners will get entry to Final 1. For the super nimble fingers at 201 pool rummy, getting to Final 1 absolutely free is absolutely easy! Details of the Qualifier Schedule, are available here.
There are 4 Finals and 1 Grand Final from 25th to 26th. Excited players can find all the details at Diwali Knockout Tourney.
For everyone who is bored with the domestic card games, this Diwali indeed poses a real challenge at Riding on the suspense at each final round, winning cash at each one and then, the grand final pitch for the Grand 2 lakhs is purely a gift from the god this season.

The Gods of Wealth want 201 pool players to win this Diwali at

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