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Saturday, May 31, 2014 5:40PM IST (12:10PM GMT)
Self V – Cancer Survivors Stories
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Pink Hope, Cancer Support Group,  a patient group of, HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care, on the eve of Cancer Survivors Day,  created a unique platform for cancer survivors to celebrate  survivors day, through Self V, (Self Video). With this initiative, survivors shared the story of fight and triumph over cancer.

Self V – Survivor Stories, is a unique initiative, whereby a cancer survivor will take a self video of up to 60 seconds of their story of fight and triumph over cancer. These survivor stories will be a beacon of hope for many patients fighting cancer now.  They would also encourage people who have overcome cancer and fighting cancer now to come forward & tell their stories.

With this, the survivors are trying to create awareness on cancer and encourage other cancer survivors to share their survivor story, by uploading a 60 second video on

Survivors will become winners now through a contest period of 45 days. The best Self V will win awards ranging from Harley Davidson Superbike, LED TV, International Holidays, Smart Phone, to designer merchandise.

Every year, the first Sunday of June, globally is observed as Cancer Survivors Day.

Mr. Chandrashekar, K B, Father of Divya, 12 year old, diagnosed with Germ Cell Tumor of the Ovaries, said, “It was hard to believe, when we came to know, Divya was diagnosed with cancer, but doctors instilled confidence in us by saying it is treatable. She has survived this . Post treatment she is strong and started going to school as any other normal kid.”

Vandana Ramnane, Breast Cancer Survivor, said, “Fighting cancer is a battle and one needs to be positive. I thrived after my problems and today I’m a winner, celebrating cancer survivor’s day.  Awareness is the key, more survivors speak about the disease, it instills confidence in thousands of cancer patients, that there is a life after cancer and it can be managed.”

Amar Bhaskar, Cancer Survivor, said, “The battle against cancer was a life changing experience and feels great to have triumphed over cancer. With a new lease of life, I would like to help other cancer patients to succeed by sharing my story of fight & triumph.”
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Pink Hope Cancer Support Group:
Pink Hope, Cancer Support Group, a patient group of, HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care, helps patients diagnosed with cancer to overcome their fear of the disease, and cope with the difficulties in treatment. The Support Group operates like a surrogate family where members feel supported & cared for.

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