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Wednesday, May 28, 2014 2:06PM IST (8:36AM GMT)
ReelBox Adds Anywhere, Anytime Access Service by Launching its iPad App for Kannada Movies
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

ReelBox today, announced the launch of the ‘ReelBox iPad App’ for viewing Kannada movies to worldwide Kannadigas while adding anywhere, anytime access service to its current TV customers in the United States. The ReelBox iPad App is free to download and available in Apple App Stores across the world. Recently, ReelBox launched the first ever Over-The-Top (OTT) on demand viewing service to TV via its native Movie Streaming Dongle (MSD) in 1080p and Dolby Surround 5.1 quality.
Using the App, users can view a large collection of free and paid movies in High Definition, and through AirPlay feature, can also see movies on the their big screen TVs. Movie titles are available on pay-per-view basis and can be purchased either through Apple payment gateway or on ReelBox website. Movies purchased through the Apple payment gateway will be higher as it includes App Store payment gateway charges. Titles once purchased are now available to view in three platforms – TV, Tablets and PCs (selective choice). Movie titles have purchase validity of 365 days and valid for 48 hours from initiation of first view; but MSD customers can view the movie any number of times for a period of 365 days as a limited time offer.
ReelBox will now make available a large selection of movies to ReelBox users, one to two weeks from the Indian theatrical release, while providing a same day release on its TV platform. The old movie catalogue of over 2000 titles that is currently available to its TV customers will also be soon available on the iPad App over the next six months. 
On the occasion of the announcement, Karthik Vaithianathan, Founder and CEO, ReelBox said, “ReelBox continuously strives to add value to our customers by increasingly providing convenience, value for money and true lean-back experience. iPad has been one of the most secure and popular platforms used by NRIs and ReelBox is now delighted to extend the content offered on its secure TV ODV platform to iPad customers worldwide.
He added Our strategy to deliver niche content to niche audiences globally has started to pay off; we are at the tipping point where digital distribution of video content to all form factor devices is set to dramatically change niche cinema consumption and monetization”.
All movies on ReelBox are licensed from the producers or copyright owners for viewing on iPad and TV.
You may download the app from itunes or explore catalogue at

About ReelBox: ReelBox Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2012, is an over-the-top (OTT) broadband based video-on-demand provider that delivers HD video content, including movies via its proprietary Movie Streaming Dongle (MSD) and iPad. Currently, ReelBox serves the Kannadiga community with a catalogue of 3000 + Kannada movies. For more information, go to .

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