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Friday, May 2, 2014 2:15PM IST (8:45AM GMT)
Nikhil Chandwani becomes World’s First “Youth Literary All-Rounder” at an Age of 20
A Travel Writer’s Journey towards international success
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Holding a National Award From Government for excellence in Literature and becoming the first Indian to win the prestigious United Kingdom Writers’ Forum Award, Nikhil Chandwani is also a Script Writer working in Hollywood industry, a Published poet of two poetry books, Inked With Love and Unsung Words, a bestselling author of the novel, I wrote Your Name in the Sky, a travel Director and a motivational speaker who has spoken in over 200 colleges and corporate offices. Chandwani has also been included among the top five Indian authors and his book has sold over a million copies worldwide.  His first book was translated in various languages.
Considered one of the most influential Script Writer, Author, poet and a motivational speaker, Nikhil Chandwani has an all round achievement in poetry, fiction, scripting a commercial movie, Scripting a Commercial travel show and Direction.

Scripting a Hollywood movie to be shot in Asia produced by Mystic Wanderer Innovative Media, one upcoming Bollywood movie on ethical hacking going wrong and directing/scripting a travel documentary for an international travel channel, Nikhil Chandwani mentioned his mantra of Success, ‘travelling’. Travelling and Writing is Chandwani’s life mantra.
 Some Facts about Nikhil Chandwani that upholds the title: “World’s First Literary All-rounder at an age of 20.”

  • National Award Winner. (First Indian to win a National Award in literature at 20)
  • First Indian to Win United Kingdom Writers’ Award For his poetry book, Unsung Words and Inked With Love.
  • Youngest Writer to Script an upcoming Hollywood Movie produced by Mystic Wanderer Innovative Media Pvt Ltd.
  • ‘Youngest’ International bestselling Author of the Novel, I wrote your name in the sky and yours and yours too, with over a Million buyers.
  • Arab Review Dream Honor for literature. (Youngest in the World)
  • Young Director and Script Writer of an Upcoming Travel Documentary

Scripting: Nikhil Chandwani is writing a Script for upcoming Hollywood Movie, Song of Open Road and Travel shows on International travel Channels.

Author: Over a million copies officially sold of first novel, I wrote your name in the sky.

Lyricist: Writing lyrics for a song in a Hollywood Movie produced by Mystic Wanderer Innovative Media Pvt Ltd.

Poetry: Bagged National Award for literature, U.K. Writers’ Award and officially sold over 2lakh copies of the poetry books Inked With Love and Unsung Words.  (All at an age of 20)

Motivational Speaker: Spoke in front of over 10,000 audiences in over 200 colleges and corporate offices.

Direction: Directing a travel show for a TV Channel.

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