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Monday, April 7, 2014 10:27AM IST (4:57AM GMT)
Rockland Hospitals Organized ROCKATHON to Trigger a Series of Preventive Healthcare Initiatives
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Rockland Hospitals Group organized ROCKATHON at Dwarka, Delhi, on 6 April, the international sports day, and the eve of world health day. The runners participated in a 5Kms Marathon and a 1 Km Power Run.

Doctors, top management team of Rockland Hospitals and local residents from all age groups had begun to gather at the venue from 7 am in the morning. Dr. PK Dave, Chairman Advisory Board, Dr. KK Pandey, Chairman Oncology, Dr. MP Sharma, Head of Gastroenterology and Dr. Harsh Wardhan, Chairman, Cardiology, Rockland Hospitals were present among an enthusiastic gathering of over 2000 participants. Rajesh Srivastava, Chairman and Dr. Sameer Khan, Group CEO Rockland were noticed shaking hands and encouraging the participants.

The Rockland team used the occasion to appeal to all the registered participants to demand better governance in healthcare from their candidates and to come out and vote in large numbers on the polling day. The message was received very enthusiastically by the participants as these elections are being fought on developmental issues which includes healthcare as an area of high concern.

ROCKATHON is a first in a series of events to promote the concept of preventive health care through various forms of sports, life style correction and exercising. Running benefits almost every part of the body, and costs nothing so it became the first choice for the Rockland team. Running can help in lowering the risk of breast cancer among women.  It also helps in reducing the risk of having a stroke.  Most doctors recommend running for those who are in the early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. It is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight which provides a noticeable boost in confidence and self-esteem.  Running raises the level of good cholesterol and helps in increasing lung functioning, boosts the entire immune system and lowers the risk of developing blood clots. This initiative is led by Rishi Srivastava and Pranav Srivastava from the Rockland promoters’ team.

 "Today's youth is technologically equipped and globally aware. But at the same time, in the current scenario, it is easy for them to pick up bad habits at a young age. Many tend to develop habits like smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, etc.  To distract the youth from such harmful activities, it is necessary to make them aware about the harmful results of such bad habits. At the same time it is important to encourage them to practice sports and other physical activities." said Pranav Srivastava, the youngest Director in the Rockland Group.

An increased level of stress and a sedentary life style is causing a number of health problems which adversely affect appetite, sleep quality and eventually begin to affect the entire body.  Running and several other forms of sports and exercises force the body to exert excess energy and hormones that help in reducing the chances of falling ill. Exercising is beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit, and leaves us more energized, more focused, and in a better position to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Most of us are inactive for the larger part of the day. We sit in a moving vehicle while commuting to an eight- to ten hours-a-day desk job and then watch television for hours in the night? Over dependence on emails, direct-deposit pay checks, and online shopping has minimized even the walking time on simple day to day activities.  This is called the "sitting disease" a silent killer of good health. 

Research shows that a long period of physical inactivity raises the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.  Human beings evolved by exploring the world on their feet so spending a full day in a chair is against our basic nature. It's a form of physical arrest.  We can focus on just 3 major areas to stay fit:

  1. Choose whole foods and cooked at home instead of buying pre-packaged food which are high in fat and salt. Choose a variety of yellow, red and green fruits, limit sugar intake by drinking green tea and avoid sugary drinks. This one step alone can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight and will reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.  
  2. Walking to someone else's desk rather than sending an e-mail, parking farthest from the building, taking the stairs more often, cycling or playing with the kids  and engaging in house cleaning or gardening will burn calories and give you enough exercise.
  3. To sleep well, remove the television, computers, and gadgets from your bedroom and avoid large meals before bedtime. Set firm bedtimes and wake up times. Make sure that heavy reading, text messaging, video games or social networking are restricted to mornings.

Next in the series of Rockland sponsored events is the SAMBA style Football open to all age groups at the Thyagraj Stadium on 26 and 27 April' 2014.

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Photo Caption: Flag-off ceremony Rockathon'14 by Rajesh Srivastava, Chairman, Rockland Hospitals

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