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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 6:01PM IST (12:31PM GMT)
Grails Conf India 2014 to Revolutionize Indian Digital Business Scenario
Delhi, India

India’s first ever Conference on Groovy & Grails to explore how technology can influence Indian Digital Business Landscape 

Pioneer in Groovy & Grails technology, IntelliGrape Software joins hands with Pivotal & Gr8conf in order to launch Grails Conf India 2014. It is India’s first ever Conference dedicated to propel the avant-garde Groovy and Grails ecosystem, which is already well acknowledged and adapted internationally. Pivotal is a frontrunner in providing Open Source and Open Standards technology and Gr8Conf runs internationally renowned series of conferences related to Grails technology.
Grails Conf India 2014 is a vendor neutral conference where thought leaders & architects are brought together to discuss the latest trends in web technologies and how businesses can flourish using them.
With exponentially growing digital business space, GrailsConf would prove to be the biggest impetus to take technology to the next level. In today's times, when getting a web application out before your competitor, is the need of the hour, rapid application development is a crucial element in building web apps. With Groovy and Grails a new feature can be created in a week, when before it could easily take a month or more. The conference will aid in learning about the most critical platform Rapid Web Application Development framework on JVM.
The conference is a platform that brings opportunities to CTOs, where they gain expert views with respect to the emerging opportunities in the Grails technology space and learn to integrate them to their existing businesses and hence reap the best business outcomes through it.
The event will have august gathering of some of the most prominent Industry experts and evangelists as the key note speakers such as Shrikant Vashishtha, Sachin Anand, Kaushik Khanna, Ganesh Gembali, Shekhar Gulati and Jonas Auken.
The event will be held at Indian Habitat Center. For more information please log on to: /
 About GrailsConf
GrailsConf is a Vendor Neutral Conference dedicated to the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. It’s a conference by developers and for developers. Thought Leaders and Architects working on Grails since its inception will present engaging case-studies, and conduct hands-on sessions.
About IntelliGrape
Intelligrape Software is a pioneer in Groovy and Grails technology. IntelliGrape conceives, develops and manages high quality, mission critical web & mobile applications and provides consulting & implementation solutions for cloud based infrastructure. A leader in Groovy and Grails Development, the company was one of the earliest adopters of the framework and is an expert on the entire Spring Source suite of products. IntelliGrape is also is an Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller for Amazon Web Services (AWS). IntelliGrape is a part of TO THE NEW, one of Asia's leading digital services network.
About Pivotal
Pivotal is committed to open source and open standards, is a leading provider of application and data infrastructure software, agile development services, and data science consulting. Pivotal helps companies transform into great software companies. 
About Gr8Conf
Gr8Conf is a vendor independent series of conferences, where the technical topics are in focus. The conference series were founded in 2009 by Guillaume Laforge and Søren Berg Glasius. After the first edition of the conference in Europe, the GR8Conf name was also used in the US.

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