Thursday, December 19, 2013 12:40 PM IST (07:10 AM GMT)
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Techgene Shift Gears and Takes the IT World by Surprise Unleashing a Unique Data Migrator Tool

Irving, Texas, United States, Thursday, December 19, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — The latest news doing rounds in the IT market is about Techgene making an unprecedented move by developing the first-of-its-kind data migrator tool, which it labeled as ‘PelicaMigrator.’ This tool is being dubbed as ‘one click data migrator tool’ that facilitates the migration of data from RDBMS to MongoDB.

This development comes in the backdrop of data getting more complex and trickier day-by-day. Under these circumstances, users find it extremely troublesome to migrate the data from source to destination. During the launch, Kumar Kukunuru, CEO, Techgene Solutions said, “PelicaMigrator provides a unique mechanism by which Enterprises can mitigate the risk in data migration with such ease and incomparable speed thereby ensuring reliability and data integrity across databases which results in significant ROI.”

How it functions?

Techgene’s PelicaMigrator is a very powerful tool used to migrate data from RDBMS to MongoDB. It enables a less constrained mechanism for migrating and retrieving the data using internally built intelligence, thereby ensuring 100% data integrity while maintaining the same set of relationships from RDBMS. Powered by its in-built intelligence, PelicaMigrator supports both simple and complex migrations seamlessly.

On the whole, this tool looks simple and reliable much to the aid of users having to transfer the complex data in unfavorable conditions.

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About Techgene:

Techgene is the Next Generation Technology Consulting Firm eyeing to play a key role in the IT industry by delivering unique and innovative – mobile, web and data solutions. Techgene provides services to many of the F500 & G2000 companies, thereby creating a competitive advantage resulting in exponential growth of its clients. Maintaining this momentum, it focuses itself to achieve the best values in the industry by enhancing its innovative design studios, development centers, and R&D labs in the US & in India.

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Pelica Migrator-Tool redefining RDBMS to MongoDB migration
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Pelica Migrator-Tool redefining RDBMS to MongoDB migration