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Skillsoft’s Asia-Pacific Learning and Development Survey: 11-25% Rise in India’s 2013 Organisational Learning Budgets Over 2011
Indian organizations and decision-makers rank “improved performance by employee” as a more important outcome of learning than “employee satisfaction”

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Tuesday, November 26, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — Skillsoft, a pioneer in cloud based learning solutions, today released findings of its survey titled ‘Learning and Development Trends in Asia Pacific’, which provides key insights on learning across organizations in the region, including India. Indian companies surveyed across 20 sectors, cumulatively reported that their organizational budgets over the last two years had increased compared to the tightening of budgets across the rest of the Asia Pacific region. 74% of respondents reported that skills gained from learning programs had a direct positive impact on their work performance; while 81% were able to effectively apply the skills gained from these.

“The report has shown that both decision makers and learners are keen for more learning opportunities, and the elearning market is set to grow,” said Glenn Nott, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft. “Decision makers need to evaluate their learning programs to ensure that learner engagement remains high, budgets are worked to suit the diverse needs of learners, and that learning investments are clearly aligned with strategic business goals. Skillsoft is poised to meet the needs of both decision makers and learners with our comprehensive suite of cloud based learning solutions.”

The Skillsoft report identifies three key areas that primarily challenge human resource managers, when evaluating new learning platforms: learner engagement, learning and development budgeting, and measuring learning impact. The research further reports that 86% of learners surveyed in India prefer to access learning on their mobile devices, while only 46% of organizations surveyed in the country provide learners with this option. The other 54% of respondents from organizations that have deferred the implementation of mobile learning, cited network integrity and security as the prime barriers to adoption.

Key Findings about India from the Report:

1. 92% of organizations offer blended learning to its employees

2. Flexibility and convenience to learn at any time and place and at one’s own pace emerged as the top preference for learners

3. 83% of learners stated that their organizations gather feedback on their learning program

4. 86% of learners in India prefer to access learning on their mobile devices

5. 74% of learners trust that their organizations have a clear and effective learning process and a standard metric to measure its impact

6. 53% of learners trust their organizations to actively make adjustments to their learning program

“There is a noticeable shift across organizations in India, towards the adoption of elearning. Our research indicates that organizations are rapidly integrating learning programs customized to individual development needs and also delivering it across platforms that include mobile devices and tablets. This customization and flexibility has a significant positive impact on employee acceptance of elearning to meet their career and development goals. 93% of learners surveyed reported that learning directly impacted their work performance when customised to their individual needs.” said Mr. Vinay Pradhan, Country Manager – India, Skillsoft.

Blended learning that combines both classroom learning and elearning, is also on the rise. This has been identified as one of the top trends to emerge in the knowledge delivery industry with 92% of surveyed organizations offering this.

About the Report

12 markets across the Asia Pacific region are represented in the study: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. For the purpose of this study some markets are classified as developed (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea) and others are considered emerging (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam).

The survey also includes data from more than 300 businesses and organizations across 20 industry sectors in Asia Pacific, with IT/ technical services and education/training services representing 42% of the sample.

For the India edition of the report, nearly 100 businesses and organizations across 20 industry sectors were covered. Organizations from IT/ technical services and education/training represented 42% of the data collected while other major verticals included BFSI and manufacturing apart from others.

To view the full insights, download your complimentary copy of the report here.

About Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a pioneer in the field of learning with a long history of innovation. Skillsoft provides cloud based learning solutions for its customers worldwide, ranging from global enterprises, government, and education to mid-sized and small businesses. Skillsoft’s customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience and a comprehensive learning e-library to develop off-the-shelf and custom learning programs tailored to cost-effectively meet customer needs. Skillsoft’s courses, books and videos have been developed by industry leading learning experts to ensure that they maximize business skills, performance, and talent development.

Skillsoft currently serves over 6,000 customers and more than 19,000,000 learners around the world. Skillsoft is on the web at

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Skillsoft – Learning & Development Trends in India

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