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Expedia.co.in 2013 Vacation Deprivation Study: India Comes Down Six Positions to Feature as 10th Most Vacation Deprived Nation
Indians lag in maintaining a work-life balance; 94% stay connected to work during vacations

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Monday, November 25, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — About the Survey: Expedia.co.in┬«, the world’s largest online travel agency, today released the results of the 2013 Vacation Deprivation study, an annual analysis of vacation and holiday habits across multiple countries and continents. Per the vacation deprivation survey, India comes down five positions to feature as the 10th most vacation deprived nation from 4thposition last year. But while on an average, Indians utilize 20 out of 26 leaves granted, they still lag behind in relishing the leisure time- whether booking hotels for a relaxing getaway or just staying at home – with 94% at least sometimes check on mails even during on vacation.

Holidays play an important role in relaxing and re-energizing employees while enhancing their motivation & productivity. Expedia strongly believes that vacations are an essential part of a healthy work life balance,” said Mr. Vikram Malhi, General Manager, South and Southeast Asia Expedia India.

“In India, people still lag behind when it comes to completely letting go during their vacation. Not just this, even during regular days, Indians work for more hours than other countries with38% people working for 41-50 hours a week. This shows the need for a better work-life balance,” he added.

Appended are the detailed findings of the survey:

Vacation granted v/s taken: We are still vacation deprived!

— Average number of leaves taken – 19.8
— Average number of leaves granted – 25.6
— 63% Indians still feel they are vacation deprived (10thmost vacation deprived)

Why are we vacation deprived? We prefer money over vacations!

— 37% of Indians prefer getting money in exchange of unused holidays, which is the highest number in the world, followed closely by Brazil (30%)

— Indians are ranked third highest in saving vacations for future use- 46% of Indians save their vacations for future usage with Malaysia and Singapore leading with 56% and 53% respectively

— 32% of Indians (tied with Mexico) are not able to plan because of time co-ordination problems in book flights, hotels, and other travel arrangements with spouse/friends (4th highest in the world)

— Indians are highest on being too strapped with work to go for a vacation. 31% of Indians don’t take vacation because of workload

— We want to feel important – Indians want to be present in all key decisions of the company and with a maximum % of 25, Indians are the highest in cancelling vacation due to this reason

We Holiday like we work.

— 94% Indians at least sometimes check work email even on vacation which is the highest in the world, followed by France (93%), Thailand (92%), Malaysia (91%) and Mexico (91%)

— 13% of Indians (tied with South Koreans) say they are never able to fully leave their work even on vacation, which is third highest after Japan(18%) and Thailand (15%)

— 59% are not able to plan their vacation in advance because it depends on their work – again highest compared to all the other countries

Planned vacation v/s Last minute project? Of course work!

— 74% of Indians have either cancelled/postponed their vacation due to work

We want to be in the boss’ good books

— Indians are second, behind Thailand (22%), in not taking leaves to be in boss’ good books

— 18% of Indians don’t use all the leaves because they fear that taking all of the vacation time will be perceived negatively by their employer

Less vacation, more work, but we are satisfied. This is India!

— India is second highest in having maximum number of over worked people with people working for an average of42 hours a week. Hong Kong is highest with people working an average of44 hours a week

— Despite being the country with one of the most overworked people, 85% are satisfied with their job


Harris Interactive┬« fielded the online survey on behalf of Expedia between August 20th to September 12th 2013 among 8,535 respondents in 24 countries.Each country was weighted using propensity scores and/or demographic data to reflect the country’s employed adult population as a whole. Exceptions to this are Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, and India which were weighted to reflect the online employed populations of each country. In India three regions were surveyed: Delhi (n=95), Mumbai (n=100) and Hyderabad /Chennai /Bengaluru (n=106). These three regions were then weighted together to reflect their population size. For the global 24-country total, an additional post-weight was applied to adjust for the relative size of each country’s adult population.

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