Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:10 AM IST (05:40 AM GMT)
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————————————————– – Your Guide to Nashik’s Real Estate and Property Market

Nashik, Maharashtra, India, Thursday, October 31, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — neighboring metropolitan regions of Pune and Mumbai. The economy here was primarily dependent on agriculture while the share of services and manufacturing was relatively low. However, over the last couple of decades, Nashik has witnessed a sharp rate of economic growth. This has been made possible by growth in all the three vital areas of the city’s economy, viz. agriculture, services, and manufacturing. The trickledown effect from this economic progress has ensured the growth of the entire Nashik real estate sector.

Nashik is unique in the sense that it appeals to both property buyers and real estate investors. The city has consistently given investors attractive returns over their investments and with greater growth predicted for the future, things are looking brighter. Nashik’s biggest advantage is its hospitable climate. The ample availability of water and low levels of pollution further add to Nashik’s quality of life. With newer areas being brought under the jurisdiction of the Nashik Municipal Corporation, a lot of real estate investment opportunities are being opened up for investors. Furthermore, the city benefits from good quality infrastructure, numerous educational avenues, and housing prices that are still considerably lower when seen vis-à-vis the advantages offered.

Nashik property investments also stand to benefit greatly from the many infrastructure projects on the verge of being completed and the ones in various stages of planning. The recently inaugurated flyover running through the heart of the city is poised to ease the congestion on the city’s roads to a great extent. Similarly, the four-lane expansion of the highway between Mumbai and Nashik has greatly brought down the travel time between these two cities. A similar project is being planned for the highway between Pune and Nashik. Work towards making the Ozhar airport (18 KM from Nashik) operational is also on the fast track, which is sure to aid connectivity to the city in a major way.

Besides modern infrastructure and favorable living conditions, Nashik is also seeing a spurt in growth as far as amenities are concerned. A number of public parks have been inaugurated recently in various parts of the city. Nashik is also home to many large malls, shopping hubs, multiplexes, and other recreational avenues. All of these contribute significantly to the city’s standard of living and thereby its real estate and property scenario. Investors are not only assured of good investment opportunities but also handsome returns in the long run.

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