FIAPO Hails the Rejection of IFFCO Mega Dairy Plans

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO)
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 02:42 PM IST (09:12 AM GMT)
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FIAPO Hails the Rejection of IFFCO Mega Dairy Plans
Andhra Pradesh rejects proposal to import 9000 cows from New Zealand

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Tuesday, September 24, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — IFFCO Kisan SEZ’s plans to set up a mega dairy in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore district are likely to be dropped as their proposal to import 9000 high yielding pregnant cows from New Zealand has been rejected by the Andhra Pradesh Animal Husbandry Department. Plans to import frozen embryos and semen for subsequent breeding were also in place.

The dairy was proposed by a consortium led by IFFCO, the Indian fertiliser cooperative, Fonterra, a New Zealand based dairy company, Global Dairy Health, an Indian company. According to the proposal, at peak operating capacity, the dairy would have housed 40,000 animals at one location. Such high numbers coupled with the exploitative techniques proposed to be used had drawn flak from animal protection and other groups.

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and Blue Cross of Hyderabad (BCH), which led the campaign against the establishment of this dairy welcomed this news. Norma Alvares, Chairperson of FIAPO said, “We are delighted at the progressive stance taken by the department, which is the right step towards ensuring that cruel and exploitative mega-dairies are not set up in India. Industrial style mega-dairies have an adverse impact on the welfare of the animals, and the environment. Amala Akkineni of BCH said, ” A.P. is a fodder deficit state and even this year Ananthapur district has been declared drought hit. Considering the multiple factors of environment and cruelty related issues concerning factory farms, this sends out a strong message to other companies using the factory farming model looking to enter the Indian dairy industry.”

Previously, the Animal Welfare Board of India had also expressed concerns over the IFFCO mega dairy , pointing out that intensive dairy systems are prone to several environmental and animal welfare risks.

Mega dairies or factory farms have raised ethical and practical issues around the world. Such industrial milk production involves holding a large number of animals in close confined conditions, with little chance to express normal behaviour such as grazing, grooming calves and establishing social bonds with other animals. Such systems of production also generate large amounts of waste, often disrupt livelihoods of farmers in their immediate vicinity and are extremely cruel to animals.


1. The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations( is an umbrella body of animal protection groups from across the country. The key mandate of the federation is to propel animal welfare as a mainstream social change movement in the country.

2. Blue Cross of Hyderabad is a voluntary organisation that works for the welfare of animals in Hyderabad, India. Founded in 1992 by film stars Nagarjuna & Amala Akkineni and supported by animal friendly people, Blue Cross has extended help to over 300,000 sick, injured and abused animals and birds till date.

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