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Monday, August 12, 2013 02:16 PM IST (08:46 AM GMT)
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Your Safe Pass to Free Movement in Europe: the Hungarian Residency Bond Program Has Been Launched, Reported Residency Bond Program Ltd.
Clients express significant interest in free travel to Europe and in access to the Hungarian educational schemes, says Residency Bond Program Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary, Monday, August 12, 2013 — (Business Wire India)

The Hungarian Residency Bond Program, recently adopted by Parliament, offers permanent residency under preferential conditions for non-EU nationals seeking free movement or relocation in the European Union.

“Hungarian permanent residency provides a lawful and lifelong residence, which may serve as a major route to Hungarian citizenship,” says Zsolt Albert, managing director of Residency Bond Program Ltd. Hungarian permanent residency offers almost all the rights and benefits that citizens enjoy in Hungary: you can travel and stay within the Schengen area; you may live, stay and work in Hungary; and in addition, you and your family are entitled to attend Hungarian public schools.

Residency Bond Program Ltd. was founded in order to provide all-inclusive personal guidance for non-EU nationals applying for the Hungarian Residency Bond Program.

As pioneers, the founders have been concerned with the new immigration regulations since their inception. “We are well aware that every case is different; each person has their own special concerns, needs and expectations. Our immigration experts act as your personal guide to assist you through the whole process of obtaining a Hungarian residence permit,” says Laszlo Gaal, marketing director of the firm.

The Residency Bond Program is unique in the world in some notable respects:

You do not need to buy a highly expensive real estate in Hungary or invest a large sum of money in a Hungarian company or business.
You are not required to travel to Hungary to make your application.
You will receive your Hungarian temporary residence permit within a couple of days and your lifelong permanent residence permit after 6 months.
Your spouse and your minor children are included in the Program as part of your investment free of charge.
Applicants pay EUR 300,000 to take part in the Program, and will get back EUR 250,000 after five years. This amount is currently considered as the lowest across the EU.

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