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Thursday, June 20, 2013 05:49 PM IST (12:19 PM GMT)
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Cancer Patient Seeks a Second Opinion, Overcomes Cancer and Celebrates 100th Birthday
Accessibility to Technology and Expertise Helps Him in the Journey

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Thursday, June 20, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — HealthCare Global (HCG), The Specialist in Cancer Care, today organized a press conference, on successfully treating Mr. Appaswamy, who celebrated his 100th birthday after being treated for cancer 2 years back. The patient sought a second opinion after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dr. Kumarswamy, Senior Consultant, Radiation Oncologist, HCG, said, “Considering his age, the risk of surgery was high. The tumor was present in the upper part of his left lung and it was about 3.8 cms in size. He underwent 3 sessions of Cyberknife on alternate days from 24th to 28th May, 2011. After 3 months, follow up scan showed a scar tissue. 2 years post treatment, he is completely fine, accessibility to advanced technologies, has improved medical outcomes and quality of life.”

Dr. Nalini Rao, Consultant, Radiation Oncologist, HCG, said, “With a multi disciplinary team approach, we decided to take a curative approach rather than palliation. Diagnosis of cancer should not rule out the possibility of treatment in elderly patients. Optimal treatment can be given through accessibility to newer technologies like Cyberknife.”

Mr. Appaswamy, The Centurion, Cancer Survivor, said, “I was diagnosed for lung cancer by my family physician. My family was worried that as, at this age they didn’t want me undergo any invasive procedure. One of our neighbors was diagnosed with throat cancer, who took treatment at HCG, he suggested us take a second opinion from HCG. I met a team of specialists at HCG, who suggested Cyberknife treatment. I have recovered and back to enjoying life with my great grand children at the age of 100.”

About Mr. Appaswamy:

Mr. Appaswamy, was born in Tanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, on April 12th, 1913. He is father of 8 children, has 13 grand children and 6 great grand children, settled in Bangalore, with his daughter. He starts his day at 7:30 in the morning and walks a kilometer. Even at the age of 98 he wanted to fight cancer, sought his family support and met the specialist in cancer care. His is a case of grit, valor and facing cancer head on to ensure that he leads a qualitative life. Today, Mr. Appaswamy spends time watching cricket, reading novels, newspapers and spending time with his grand children and great grandchildren. His story is one that is emulative for other cancer patients.

About HCG Enterprise:

Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd, (HCG) headquartered in Bangalore, is Asia’s Largest Cancer Care Network, with 27 Cancer Centers, 4 tertiary Care Centers and 4 Fertility Care Centers. HCG has redefined the future of healthcare in India by designing, building and managing centers with a committed vision. The vision of HCG is to make high quality healthcare accessible to all by adopting global innovations.

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From Left: Dr. Nalini Rao, Mr. Appaswamy, The Centurion and Dr. Kumarswamy, at the press meet
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From Left: Dr. Nalini Rao, Mr. Appaswamy, The Centurion and Dr. Kumarswamy, at the press meet

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