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Thursday, February 07, 2013 06:30 PM IST (01:00 PM GMT)
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HCG the First Hospital to Introduce FFF Technology in South India

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Thursday, February 07, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — Kauvery HCG Cancer Center, a unit of HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care, is the first cancer care network in South India, to introduce Flattening Free Filter Mode technology.

Dr. Ayan Basu, Head, Radiation Oncology, Kauvery HCG Cancer Center, said, “The cancer patients will benefit with the introduction of FFF technology. With FFF dose rates of 2400 (as compared to 600 or below in filtered beam) the beam on time gets reduced by one third to one fourth. This probably is the biggest add on as of today, adding to patients comfort and minimizes the effect of movement during treatment or during respiration also. The treatment time in delivering doses will come down from minutes to seconds. The high doses are delivered with precision and accuracy not affecting the normal tissues and thereby reducing the chances of secondary cancers, and optimizing medical outcomes.”

Dr. Vydeeswaran, Consultant, Radiation Oncologist, Kauvery HCG Cancer Center, said, ” SBRT is an innovation to the cutting edge technology in treating cancer patients. FFF technology is a method by which the beam profile is not altered and in the due process it lowers the scattered radiation to the surrounding area and better penetration of the beam with a high dose rate delivery, reducing the treatment time to a great extent. This innovative technology is used both in Radiotherapy ex. tumour of the prostate, lung, head and neck and Radio Surgery ex. benign tumour like meningioma/acoustic neuromas, in treating not only the superficial tumour, but also inoperable tumors.”

Mr. Dinesh Madhavan, Director, HealthCare Services, HCG, said, “We are the first hospital in South India to get approval to use the FFF Flattening Free Filter Mode, technology. This is only possible because we are a center of excellence for cancer treatment. The introduction of FFF is to ensure precision and quality of life to the patients.”

About HCG:

Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd, (HCG), The Specialist in Cancer Care, headquartered in Bangalore with over 26 cancer centers is Asia’s largest cancer care network. HCG has defined the future of cancer care in India by designing, building and managing cancer care centres with a committed vision. HCG focuses on cancer care treatment, imaging and laboratory services, clinical trials and research services. The vision of HCG is to make high quality cancer care accessible by adopting global innovations to all segments of the society.

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