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BMGI Outlines High Impact Areas for Plant Leadership Over a 2-Day Plant Leadership Conclave

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Tuesday, September 18, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — BMGI was the Knowledge Partner for the Plant Leadership Conclave 2012, held in Mumbai on 30 & 31st August. BMGI highlighted ways and means to achieve transformation and leap frog into the future.

The event was organised by Yoogma Business Services. The event comprised of thought leaders (speakers) and delegates (senior management) from India, China & the Middle East. Key company executives that graced the occasion included Tata Motors, SAIL, TVS Motors, Akzo Nobel, Tata Power, Whirlpool, Bajaj Auto, Vedanta Aluminium, Reliance Industries, Honeywell, etc to name a few. The event was well attended with over 50+ C-Suite & Senior Management executives actively participating in the proceedings.

The Chairman of the event, Mr Naresh Raisinghani & CEO/ Executive Director, BMGI, delivered his opening keynote address on the topic “12 Ideas for Plant Leadership”

Naresh talked about his exposure towards thousands of improvement areas from a Manufacturing & Plant perspective on the basis of which he has examined & collected a rich repository of best practices. Further, he stressed on the fact that a substantial chunk of manufacturing/ plant set-ups in India have not yet fully exploited or realised the full potential of these prevalent best practices & hence the need to unlock its potential.

Naresh stressed that to achieve breakthrough performance Plant Leaders must be willing to challenge boundaries and learn to manage variation. Although everyone talks of the “0 defect” philosophy but evidence suggests on the contrary. Many companies today are breaking the “less than 100 ppm defect level barrier” and focusing on achieving “0 ppm”. He focused on aspects on “complete poka-yokes” to achieve such prevention interlocks.

Some other keys to unlock potential that were shared were – improving flexibility of operations (reducing changeover time) and increasing batch-run frequencies. This can become the mantra to “delivering what the customer wants” in the shortest possible time frame and reducing inventories. Multi-skilling personnel for improving efficiency and productivity and doing the same with less than half-the team in certain cases.

Mr.Raisinghani’s views expressed in his keynote address were echoed by several noted speakers later during the course of the day.

“Transformational Leadership – Concepts & Practice” as a topic was covered by Mr. P R Mohanty – Outstanding Scientist and Technical Director – Heavy Water Board. His presentation talked about aspects of Leadership and Innovation and insights were provided on the Boron Enrichment Facility and the experiment conducted at their Talcher site. Mr Mohanty showcased on how The Heavey Water Board has done India Proud by exceeding performance benchmarks as compared to some develop nations. He challenged all by stating that “best competition to excel is the self” and not external and quoted sveral examples of how the organization has excelled on various dimensions. He also talked about using the technology for the benefit of the average individual.

“Managing Key Stakeholders” was led by Mr Vijay Kumar Gupta – Asst Executive Director, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. Mr Gupta spoke about the importance of managing the expectations of various stakeholders. If an organization does not identify all the relevant stakeholders and manage the inherent expectations, it can never create win-win situation and will always be faced with issues. It reinforced the aspect of moving from just “shareholder value” to “stakeholder value” created.

A Panel Discussion on “Workforce Management – The Future of Workforce” was chaired by Mr. S. Vijayan – Principal Consultant Ramco Systems, Mr. S. Hariharan – Joint Managing Director – Solaris Chem Tech, Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta – Asst Executive Director, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd and Mr. G S Uppal – Head of CS, IR & Administration – Tata Motors.

Mr Uppal shattered some myths about managing the workforce. There is a general perception about Employee Relations – Narrow Minded, Negative, Reactive, Conflict Resolution, Ad Hoc. He made a very valid point stating, ‘There are no good or bad employees, just good or bad managers.’, etc. Mr. Uppal provided an insight on the changing profiles of workforce in India at three levels – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

“Workforce Management – Gen Y Imperative” as a topic was also covered by Mr.S Hariharan of Solaris Chem Tech. He echoed the points raised earlier by Mr.Raisinghani on the topic of Employee engagement. He stated that today’s Gen Y has different expectations and to manage them, Plant Leaders need to understand how to put up suitable challenges and the kind of mentoring needed.

“Managing Today’s Young Leaders” was talked about by Mr. Gupta of Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd, who shared his insight on Young Leaders and how can one manage young leaders. Mr. Gupta provided certain important traits on both the aspects including Talent, Impatience, Work Life balance, Quick results, Energy, etc.

The panel discussion provided an opportunity for others to ask questions and learn from experiences.

An Open Discussion on “Plant Leaders – Challenges & Solutions” was being led by Mr. Sanjay Kurup – Director (Manufacturing Operations) West – Pepsi and Mr. Naresh Raisinghani – CEO and Executive Director – BMGI.

They posed several questions to group on aspects such as achieving Cost Leadership. Naresh shared his insights on techniques for cost reduction and management. Several of the participants come up with insights from their workplace such as Cost Tree Analysis, Loss Tree Analysis and Cost of Poor Quality for achieving cost leadership.

Moving onto technology, “Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Plant Sustainability” was a topic covered by Mr.Eddy Anwar of MDPV, a software firm providing solution around MES. The various System used by companies (ERP such as SAP, etc.) manages manufacturing operations in factories. Real time data can be the eyes and ears of manufacturing units and hence it is imperative for organizations to look at systems that support their manufacturing operations for better results.

“How to make Servers available on a continuous basis for 24/7 Manufacturing plants” was the theme of Mr.Krishna Rao’s – Sales Director, ASIA PAC – Stratus technologies presentation. Stratus Technologies provides servers to protect mission critical systems from downtime. In today’s world, manufacturers are using lot of systems for better productivity which requires continuous availability of servers.

A panel discussion on “Good Maintenance Practices” was chaired by Mr. S. Vijayan – Principal Consultant Ramco Systems & participated by experienced Plant Leaders such as Mr. Anil Malik – Shutdown and turnaround Manager Qatar petroleum, Sudhir Agrawal – VP Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure – Engineering and Maintenance and R K Vijayavergia – ED (OPS) – SAIL.

The panel discussion focused on the aspects of improving plant & equipment performance through appropriate maintenance and ensuring preparedness for emergencies. The highlight was that the principles have remained the same but the approaches, methodologies, technology available to manage such challenges have evolved and now provide Plant Leaders with an array of tools for action.

— Mr. Malik who is based in QATAR spoke regarding the important issue of plant shutdown and stressed on importance of reliability and availability of plant unit and the associated maintenance requirements. He posed relevant questions on avoiding Emergency Shutdown. He stresses on the need for constant readiness and review.
“Failure Modes and Effects Analysis” and “Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis” were the twin topics addressed by Mr Sudhir Agarwal, VP Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure – Engineering and Maintenance. He spoke on how to prevent breakdowns and highlighted use of such frameworks.
— Further adding to tools & frameworks were sessions on “Troubleshooting and Problem Solving”, by Mr Vijayavergia, ED (OPS) – SAIL with focus on providing solutions to enhance productivity of the plant/machinery, increasing plant’s operational efficiency, reducing unplanned shutdowns and lowering costs attached to maintenance as well as repairs of the plant and machinery.

The panel discussion provided an opportunity for others to ask questions and learn from experiences.

“Flexible Manufacturing System” was a joint presentation made by Mr Bharat Shah, Head Operations, Pidilite Industries Ltd and Mr Dinesh C Sinha, COO, Kalyani Carpenter Special Steels Ltd.

The presentations talked about aspects of driving improvements such as Quick Changeover, improving quality, cycle time reduction, greater labour productivity and shorter lead times. Some of the topics discussed such as Quick Changeover were being talked about by Mr.Raisinghani in his earlier keynote opening address. They spoke about the critical factors of production including Machinery, Raw Material, Labour, Capital and Land. They also spoke about how companies can use tools such as Six Sigma for improving OEE.

An overview of a “Business Excellence Journey” was provided by Mr. Kulbhushan Gupta, Head Of BE & Six Sigma, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. A key to managing the excellence journey within the organization is to engage the key stakeholders and provide cost-effective solutions. An example to this was implementing a solution internally at 20% of the cost that could have been incurred.

“Plant Innovation Leadership”, a Post-Conference Master-Class session was conducted by BMGI’s Senior Principal Consultant Mr.Ambarish Raj.

Ambarish stated that it is possible to “have structured deployment of innovation in the organization”. He stressed that innovation is not just about technology or product but can also be for processes and business models. He shattered some myths that “only few can be creative” and “innovation is about serendipity”.

He also talked about how an organization can manage contradictions ie in one metric improves, something else deteriorates. He discussed details on the TRIZ methodology which can help resolve such contradictions.

Continuing further with the Innovation agenda on the topic “Overcoming Barriers of Effective Problem Solving to achieve Plant Excellence” was Mr. Shree Phadnis, Country Deployment Champion & Master Black Belt, SKF India. He started with some concepts on breaking psychological inertia at the work place. He concluded with case study demonstrating the application of TRIZ to solve a critical problem at the workplace.

The event concluded with the event organizer Ms. Jyoti Shau thanking the speakers, delegates, knowledge partner and sponsors.

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