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Thursday, August 23, 2012 04:43 PM IST (11:13 AM GMT)
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IT Speeds up Business at CA Expo 12
Roger Pilc, General Manager, Virtualization and Automation Customer Solutions Unit and Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, CA Technologies India, define Innovation Imperative for the audience

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Thursday, August 23, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) Roger Pilc General Manager, Virtualization and Automation Customer Solutions Unit, CA Technologies and Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, CA Technologies India, defined the Imperative of Innovation as Driving Business Growth, amidst today’s complexities, in their plenary keynote at the CA Expo’12.

Speakers like Celestine Tan, VP, Regional Field Marketing, CA Technologies; Sunil Manglore, Managing Director, India, CA Technologies; Dr. Jai Menon, Director – Global Innovation & IT, Bharti Group; Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, India, CA Technologies; Roger Pilc , General Manager, Virtualization and Automation Customer Solutions Unit, CA Technologies; Pari Natarajan, Zinnov; Anil Jaggia, CIO, HDFC Bank; Sharad Sanghi, MD & CEO, Netmagic; Krishna Giri, Managing Partner, Health & Public Service, Accenture; Murali Krishna K., SVP and Head, Computer and Communications Division, Infosys Ltd and J Satyanarayana, IT Secretary, Ministry of Communications and IT spoke on relevant industry issues pertaining to business innovations and deployment of IT for business agility. Before the key note session the audiences were addressed and welcomed by Mr. Sunil Mangalore, MD, CA Technologies India.

Also, at the event, CA Technologies’ speakers highlighted the ‘new normal’ for IT organizations in the current scenario. With demands on IT today becoming fierce, forces like the proliferation of mobile devices, the mainstreaming of social media in business, and the need to introduce revenue-producing business services faster mean IT must deliver more innovation than ever – and do it amidst growing complexity.

Addressing the IT professionals and industry veterans, in the keynote address, the leadership explained how this new normal is a transformative moment for IT that is shifting CIOs’ focus from managing infrastructure, maintenance and operations, to optimizing the delivery of business services for innovation and growth.

The session focused on how, to survive in today’s day and age, customers must deliver business services faster, cheaper and more securely, and CA Technologies is uniquely positioned to help. The company enables customers to accelerate innovation by leveraging new technology and the cloud; transform IT management to manage complexity and free up resources; and secure information, access and identities to reduce the risk of data breaches, improper access and fraud.

“We experienced accelerating demand at the exact same time as pressures on IT have increased and every business is looking at IT to run the show. Everyone is scrambling to do more with less, to become more agile and to find more cost-effective ways to support the business. The result is a transformative moment that offers a tremendous opportunity for competitive differentiation-as well as a huge strategic challenge.This is a very exciting time to be an IT professional. We are seeing across so many different industries truly revolutionary new services and approaches that are driven and enabled by IT, these are new innovations that would not have been imaginable even a few years ago. These innovations are changing the competitive landscape, are disrupting well-established marketplaces and are opening up new possibilities in the eyes of consumers.” said Roger Pilc, General Manager, Virtualization and Automation Customer Solutions Unit, CA Technologies

The keynote also addressed audiences about the unique value proposition offered by CA Technologies, is that it can empower CIOs to mitigate complexity, automate essential processes and make more informed planning decisions for their entire IT environments. This enables them to successfully shift resources to innovation and growth, rather than remaining bogged down with maintenance and operations and evolves their roles as Chief Innovation Officer. As a result, CA Technologies customers can excel at the new normal.


The leadership also outlined the company’s model for Business Service Innovation-which CA Technologies is delivering by helping customers optimize their technology planning in the context of their particular business goals.

“CA Technologies uniquely offers customers the ability to realize the benefits of Business Service Innovation through our value roadmaps and the differentiated solutions that underpin that roadmap,” said Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, CA Technologies, India.

The roadmap CA Technologies applies to deliver Business Service Innovation integrates the services, tools, and solutions to drive game-changing outcomes. The roadmap to drive innovation includes Accelerating IT so you can leverage new technologies and the cloud to drive innovation, Transforming IT to simplify complexity and free up resources to focus on service quality instead of infrastructure, Securing IT to reduce the risks of improper access and fraud. This is the design applied to deliver Business Service Innovation to ensure IT flies at the speed to Business, in the age of complexities to make agility possible.


In today’s Age of Innovation – innovation is driven by Technology. Cloud computing can deliver amazing amounts of computing power at fractions of the cost of what it would have been a few years ago. Big data and advanced analytics are enabling more customized services and marketing approaches. And with everything from refrigerators to railroad tracks being IP-enabled, we are finding new ways to revolutionize the way we manage our personal lives and our business lives every day.These capabilities are being unleashed at breakthrough speeds that constantly raise expectations from business executives which transforms IT from moving out of only maintaining technology and keeping the systems are up & running. Today, IT is all about delivering innovation to the business.

“This is an opportunity to leverage the power of technology to transform your business, your market and the way you interact with your customers and services is increasingly becoming recognized. In fact, a recent survey by IDC found that 67% of CIOs believe their role is evolving into Chief Innovation Officer. For IT to make this transformation and truly help drive business innovation and growth, innovation needs to become a pervasive mindset.” commented Saurabh Srivastava, Chairman, CA Technologies, India

At a time when budgets are tight and the rising complexity of IT means that existing systems are more expensive than ever to maintain, the amount of money being spent on new projects to drive innovation is growing. IDC expects new project budget to grow from 23% to 28% of budget over the next 3 years.


The era of Innovation driving business growth is also facing challenges. These are:

Innovation is being delivered to market too slowly

Customers talk about how skills and resources are misaligned and siloed and this inhibits innovation.

IT infrastructures are too expensive to sustain and maintain

Most IT executives say that IT complexity continues to increase, and yet productivity is shrinking, systems are fragile and we are spending more and more time trying to maintain them. Somewhere between 70 and 80% of IT budgets are going towards ongoing maintenance rather than new project work and that makes it difficult to make this transformation.

Security risks are increasing exponentially

IT is in a position where it feels it needs to lock down systems and maintain control and compliance. But business users are looking for openness and they want to bring new devices and use new online applications and more. These security risks are creating new challenges and inhibiting innovation.

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