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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 03:47 PM IST (10:17 AM GMT)
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Future Water Challenges – International Conference and Exhibition on the Water Industry

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Wednesday, April 25, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — Supported by the Ministry of Urban Development, ‘Aquatech India 2012’, opened its doors today at Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre, New Delhi, India, organised by Amsterdam RAI and Inter Ads Brooks exhibition India Pvt. Ltd. and would continue from 25th to 27th April, 2012. This year’s co-located conference stages under the theme of “Future challenges in Integrated Water Resources Management”.

As the region’s premier international event for the water industry, this three-day exhibition and conference with more than 50 eminent speakers and over 150 exhibitors from more than 12 countries showcasing high – level presentations and sparkling panel discussions as well as comprehensive exhibition on the latest equipment and technologies for the water industry.

Aquatech India 2012 provides the perfect platform to drive India on the path of success, by showcasing the latest technologies and trends, disseminate vital information about industry research, techniques and technologies and lay the foundation for significant developments and practical business intelligence for the future.

The Inauguration Ceremony was inaugurated by Mr. A.S. Bhat, Economic Advisor, Ministry of Urban Development, India along with Dr. SRIKANTA K. PANIGRAHI, Director General, Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi, India along with some more spokespersons from the Industry.

On this occasion Mr, A.S. Bhatt, ministry of Urban development said that, “1400 Municipalities have been selected in 8 – 9 states for Urban areas with service level bench marks which are based on 28 indicators like water supply, waste management recycling, reuse of water etc. Annually all municipalities would be rated on these bench marks. It is good to have such events like Aquatech India 2012 where we shall have high level panel discussion by the industry experts to overcome the problems faced by the society”.

Dr. SRIKANTA K. PANIGRAHI, Director General, Carbon Minus India (CMI), said that “There is a drastic change that is being observed in climate throughout the world which is due to the use of fossil fuel in large scale, the temperature is increasing drastically that has resulted in change of the normal climatic conditions like the increase in temperature, heavy rainfall without season, increase in the water level in sea, earthquakes etc have clubbed in to increase the problems.

We need a platform like Aquatech that can serve as a platform to give technologies to overcome such problems. Enhanced energy efficiency, sustainable habitat should be created to overcome the problems of water. There are many programs run by the Government to overcome these problems.”

He further added, “We need mandatory harvesting and water recharge in Urban areas, good drainage system for waste water, upgrading storage structure for fresh water, new regulatory structures should be made, more efficient management of water resource, we need to explore the options for Augment water resource”.

As there are many issues regarding water treatments, Aquatech india is witnessing many international companies like CH2M Hill etc who are exhibiting the technologies for reuse of water- to get clean water, waste water management, purification of industrial waste.

A big name in the industry like, Siemens is exhibiting its latest purifiers which are used in the purification of Industrial waste with the consumption of less energy as integrated energy solutions are the requirement of the day There are many more technologies, concept for purifying plants, pumps etc are displayed in Aquatech India 2012. Technologies for the Water treatment and plants for the treatment of open wells to get safe drinking water is also exhibited in Aquatech India 2012

“It is a social obligation to bring clean water for the world, in any state of the economic climate; our goal is to look at viable business opportunities that will enable our country to grow in the future. Water is the important subject for the existence of the living being. By organising Aquatech 2012 we have tried to create a platform for knowledge transfer, through high level discussions with the renowned speakers from the industry. Aquatech India will offer local water professionals the chance to learn more about reducing water consumption, treating industrial effluent and preventing contamination.”, says Rajan Sharma of Inter Ads-Brooks Exhibitions (India) Pvt. Ltd. ”

The water sector in India has witnessed some important success stories in the last 4-5 years and if India is to continue its surge ahead as a leading water force, government and private sector companies will need to take into account the innumerable challenges that result from marked divisions.

It is evident the deficit in water availability in India is a significant impediment to the smooth development of the economy. In this context, there is a dire need for the country to reduce the deficit between demand and supply. Large projects are being undertaken across all the related segments of the sector to fill this gap, and the event will serve as the perfect occasion to introduce new technologies, equipments and logistics to tackle current problems faced by the industry.

Moreover the event will bring together scientists, industry leaders, and senior government officials from central and state government as well as eminent experts from overseas, who have wide experience in the field of water and its related sectors.The conference program will incorporates 8 sessions of discussions, providing a roadmap for time bound solutions to override short term problems holding back the water sector and for exhibitors and delegates to know more about the current scenario in the water sector.

Hosted by senior representatives from the industry, the conference is set to highlight critical bottlenecks facing the industry with policies and strategies to diminish gaps in the market and move forward to attain a sustainable water future.
Understanding core issues and risks which India has to overcome, identifying new investment opportunities that lie ahead and taking advantage of new technologies to optimize efficiency and performance will be just some of the main agenda items up for discussion under key topics such as Sustainable water Resources Management, National Water Mission, Water Security, Recycle and Reuse of Water, Evolving Service Challenges, Water Loss Management, New Techniques/ Technologies

While the industry is heavily dependent on equipment suppliers and challenges around logistics and work-front availability, timely and strategic application of project management, logistics, technology and principles along the lifecycle of a project, will also feature across the industry to improve overall project planning.

Running alongside the conference, the combined exhibition will also showcase innovative designs and cutting-edge solutions and technologies by top local and international companies across the entire water industry

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