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Thursday, February 02, 2012 04:15 PM IST (10:45 AM GMT)
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Greenlime: Seasonal Change causes Rise in Flu and Sickness Reports

Pune, Maharashtra, India, Thursday, February 02, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — Pudumjee Hygiene Limited is the forerunner when it comes to the field of personal and environmental hygiene products. They have also over the years seen an increase in the number of reports that arise in the medico-pharma market with regard to health issues. With the transition from winter to summer, allergies and the common cold and flu is spreading and so are the chances for a huge rise in the scope of people falling sick. The company’s umbrella brand – Greenlime strives to reach out to consumers that value innovative personal and environmental hygiene products during such a time.

Pudumjee Hygiene anticipate customers’ needs, research global trends to find ways to meet the hygiene challenges and innovate products based on customers’ viewpoint. Equipping yourself with Greenlime hygiene products to combat germs which cause infection would possibly be a good idea in the present period of seasonal change. Greenlime’s menthol wet wipes are specially devised to keep cold and flu at bay during these conditions. These come in easy to carry pocket packs which make it convenient especially for children nd frequent travellers.

Starting with tissue products, the Greenlime brand covers the entire range of hygiene solutions – including wet wipes, hand sanitizers, liquid hand wash, odor neutralizer, soap dispensers, bathroom tissues to mention a few.

Greenlime also has a range of odorless hand sanitizers which are a water – free way to advanced hand hygiene. These sanitizers come in convenient sizes and can be used as and when needed. Hand sanitizers should be placed in the house, workplace, gyms and schools to avoid infection.

Summer is a time when the temperatures and tempers are on the rise. The outside heat causes interiors to feel stuffy and smelly at times. People sweat and feel fatigue due to the heat. In such times Greenlime wet wipes and odor neutralizers come to the rescue. Greenlime odour neutralizers fight bad odour and keep the ambience refreshingly clean and fragrant throughout the day. This in turn increases productivity and keeps the work environment healthier.

Greenlime tissues are made from 100% natural fibers which help erase environmental corruption. Pudumjee Hygiene Limited is the only Indian company with 3 ISO certifications.

Seema Agrawal, Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd., +91 (20) 32928016/22934691, [email protected]


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