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Sunday, February 19, 2012 11:09 AM IST (05:39 AM GMT)
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DiscountedFlats becomes the No.1 choice for Home Buyers to Buy Homes across the Nation

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Sunday, February 19, 2012 — (Business Wire India) — has become the preferred channel over portals, grouping sites, brokers, and conventional channel of buying homes. More and more brokers are tying up with as their source of business, providing on-ground support. offers package of grouping, advance searches, on-ground support, corporate culture providing end-to-end personalized services to home buyers at no brokerages. Builders see as an opportunity, and are more than happy to pass on certain discounts to home buyers as they get bulk bookings.

Portals: Standard
Brokers: Standard
Builders: Standard Discounted (Up to 3 lacs savings)
Remark: is able to provide better prices than any conventional channels, simply because they negotiate the cost by “grouping home buyers”.

Distance Search
Portals: No
Brokers: No
Builders: NA Yes
Remark: offers unique reverse mapping search: say for e.g. where one can find all projects with 50 lacs budget at less than 3 km from workplace/kids school.

Ownership of Content
Portals: No
Brokers: Limited
Builders: Yes Yes
Remark: On portals, home buyers are not sure if the information is genuine: no one takes the responsibility or guarantee reliability.

Single source for all Projects
Portals: Hardly 400
Brokers: Hardly 40
Builders: Own All 7000 projects
Remark: There was no single source to compare all the residential projects prior to

On – Ground Support
Portals: No
Brokers: Yes
Builders: Yes Yes
Remark: Unlike DF, no portals are offering on-ground support and no one is going to buy flats worth lacs of rupees on internet.

Brokerage to Home Buyer
Portals: Yes/No
Builders: No No

Full Comparison Grid
Portals: No
Brokers: No
Builders: No Yes
Remark: provides every single project detail, including pricing, size of flats, number of flats, down payment, possession status.

In a short span of time, DiscountedFlats recorded a phenomenal sales of over Rs. 120 crore; having sold more than 300 flats with over 95,000 registered buyers, since their launch two months ago. A consolidated savings of nearly 300 lacs was recorded. DF now has 7600 project-specific groups and over 2000 location-specific groups running across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. has plotted all projects on google and has distances captured from every single reference point. Home buyers prefer “distance search” over conventional channels to provide “budget” and “distance” match from any preferred location.

Investor Centric – scores with better deal and exit strategy

Selling Investor Inventory
Portals: No
Brokers: Yes/No
Builders: Yes/No Yes
Remark: provides Investor flats which are many a times cheaper than builder rates.

Grouping Investors
Portals: No
Brokers: No
Builders: No Yes
Remark: Investor deals from DF are better than when individuals negotiate a deal with builder simply because DF is negotiating on behalf of multiple investors getting better bargain. Almost 20% of the inventory is traded by the investors in DF.

Pre-launch Offers
Portals: Yes/No
Brokers: Yes/No
Builders: Yes Yes
Remark: DF actively accesses all the pre-launch deals from builders/power brokers, which are accessible only to close knit investors.

DF is planning to appoint 100 channel partners India-wide, securing 1000 transactions per month with turnover exceeding 4000 crores. DF claim of 20% market share of entire residential segment doesn’t look unrealistic if clients continue to see significant savings and value. DF negotiating power has suddenly risen with strong inflow of investors joining the game.

Home buyers and investors can simply register online at and channels partners/brokers can email at or login at or call: 1860 2666 000

Reference: Discountedflats becomes no.1 Choice for home buyers to buy homes across the nation

Mukesh Rajpurohit, DiscountedFlats, +91 9225140343,


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